My Rottweiler is not barking at strangers

Why my Rottweiler is not barking at strangers

Why my Rottweiler is not barking at strangers

Why my Rottweiler is not barking at strangers: Rottweilers are not friendly and are aggressive to strangers but some of them are not vocal.

Rottweilers are known for their excellent guarding abilities but there is one thing that all Rottweiler owners need to understand they are not known for being vocal. Though they are good guard dogs they don’t bark continuously, they only bark when necessary.

It may concern an owner that their dog isn’t barking but this is not rare, here are the most common things that can be the reason for your Rottweiler not barking.

My Rottweiler doesn't bark at strangers
My Rottweiler doesn’t bark at strangers

Calm nature

Rottweilers are of little aggressive temperament and are rarely calm but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be of peaceful nature by birth. Some of them are of quiet personality.

However, if you notice an unexpected change in the behavior of your dog then you should be concerned.

Also, dog owners should understand that being less vocal and calm by nature doesn’t that your dog is not a good guard dog. One thing they have to keep in mind is that the Rottweiler is one of the most dangerous breeds and can be really vicious towards intruders. 

Change in environment or surroundings

If you recently shifted to a new house then it could also be the reason that your Rottweiler is not barking. Sudden changes in the environment can be the reason for the change in their personality. Territorial breeds like Rottweiler need some time to adapt to the new atmosphere.

If you have recently shifted to a new area with your dog then you should wait for some time. 

Old incidents

Some past incidents could be the reason for this. It may be possible that the previous owner of your dog trained him to be quiet or he treated him wrongly which developed a fear of getting scolded in response to the bark.

In such a case you should work on making him comfortable and should take him to the dog behaviorist.

Too young

Rottweiler puppies don’t start barking from birth only, young Rotties don’t bark much. They only bark when it is necessary. Usually, Rottweiler gets territorial and defensive around the age of 2 years. Old-aged dogs also avoid barking unnecessarily.

The dog is just lazy

Active dogs are more vocal in comparison to lazy dogs. In the same way, it is possible that your dog is lethargic and avoids barking at anyone. Another thing that you should remember is that old-aged dogs get lazier and avoid barking unnecessarily for no reason as they get older.

If your Rottweiler is lazy enough that he ignores people and avoids barking at people then you need to work on the health of your dog.

Other than behavioral problems sluggish behavior could also affect the health of your Rottweiler negatively. To make your dog active again you should start exercising your dog and start feeding your dog a proper diet.

Due to health problems

Health issues could also be the reason for your Rottweiler stopped barks and quiet behavior. There could be many health issues including vomiting, kennel cough, vocal cord problems, respiratory diseases, tracheal issues, or any other health issues which cause weakness and pain. If you notice changes in your dog’s health and behavior then you should take him to the Vet. The sudden lethargic and quiet behavior of your dog could also be a symptom of some serious health issues. 

Too friendly with strangers

Usually, Rottweilers are not too friendly with strangers but it may be possible that your dog’s personality is different.

You should observe the behavior of your dog is he is aggressive towards strangers or not. If he is friendly towards outsiders then obviously your dog would not bark at them. 

Training your Rottweiler to bark

While training your Rottweiler you should be really calm and consistent, some of them can be good at learning and some can bad. However in comparison to teaching your dog other things bark training is quite easier. It would be much easier to teach a dog to bark when he is a little bit excited.

Training depends on the personality of your Rottweiler, if he is a little territorial by nature then it would be easier for you to train him. If your dog is calm and too friendly (which is rare in the case of Rottweilers) then it could be a little tough for you.

To train your dog to bark you should use food treats like dog biscuits as a reward for every positive step he takes forward. Look for the moment when your dog barks then use the word ‘bark’ or ‘speak and praise him by giving him rewards.

You have to make him understand that you want him to bark whenever you told him to speak. Usually, it doesn’t take much time. It would get easier if your dog is excited while training like during playtime.

Things that you should notice

  • Make sure your dog is healthy and has a good appetite. If you observe changes in his health then you should take him to the Vet.
  • If your dog had a history of bad experiences then you should always focus on making you more comfortable. Also, make sure that you didn’t do any activities which make him anxious. You should take your dog to a dog behaviorist or psychologist.
  • Some people often use tactics like caging and caging to make them more aggressive, which is completely wrong. You have to understand that improper socializing and caging your dog for a long time could affect his behavior negatively. Some owners also use shock collars to make their dogs aggressive but it could develop fear and anxiety in your dog.
  • Age could also determine whether your dog would be vocal or not, young dogs don’t bark much till they reach around the age of 2 years.
  • As dogs get older they get more lethargic which makes them less vocal.
  • Always use food or treats like dog biscuits while training your dog to bark at strangers. Also try to make your dog a little excited while teaching, this would make training easier.
  • In the end, you need to understand that being calm or less vocal doesn’t mean that they are not good, you should remember that naturally, Rottweilers don’t bark much still they are one of the best guard dogs.


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