why is my Rottweiler so hyper

Why is my Rottweiler so Hyper and How to make him calm

Why is my Rottweiler so Hyper and how to make him calm?

Why is my Rottweiler so Hyper: Rottweilers usually become overactive due to lack of exercising and it is not much easy to make them calm.

Rottweiler is a muscular dog breed that is famous for its loyal and territorial behavior. Besides these qualities, Rottweilers are much active than any other breeds. You won’t see a healthy Rottie being too lethargic or sleepy. You need to exercise them regularly to burn their extra energy. Almost all owners want their dogs to get calm and they often get confused about why their Rottweiler Is overactive or so hyper. Here we will discuss reasons for their hyper behavior.

Why do Rottweilers become overactive or hyper?

There could be many reasons depending upon the lifestyle of your dog-

Lack of activity

Lack of activity could be one of the main reasons for the overactive behavior in Rottweilers. Most dogs that are tied to a leash, caged up, or locked in the home develop aggression. Dog breeds like Rottweilers easily get bored and such activities encourages it.

In the long run, it could also cause both health and mental problems. To prevent boredom you should avoid tying or caging your dog and should take him outside for long walks. A Rottweiler should be taken out at least two times for walks.

Exercise need

If your Rottweiler isn’t getting enough exercise then it may affect his behavior. Daily workout is necessary to ensure the overall health of your dog. Rottweiler is an active dog breed whose exercise requirement is much higher In comparison to other dog breeds.  A healthy adult Rottweiler should be exercised around two hours a day.


It might be possible that you are stimulating his behavior, for example- by giving him treat or praising him whenever he is overactive.  If you encourage any certain behavior of your Rottweiler then he thinks that it is good to do that. First, you have to find out what actions are you doing knowingly or unknowingly, and then you have to avoid it.

Change in diet

If you recently switch the food of your Rottweiler then it can cause a change in its behavior and can also cause your dog to become hyperactive.  For example- If you started feeding your dog raw meat then you would obviously observe changes in your behavior. You should avoid changing the diet of your dog all at once instead of this try to introduce the new food in small portions. Then increase the amount on daily basis.

Wants to play

We all know that dogs love to play especially rottweilers. Puppy or adult the common thing that you observe in all Rottweilers is their devotion to playing. If you don’t take your dog outside for recreation and amusement then your dog would obviously become aggressive and hyper. To avoid such aggression you should take your dog outside for playing daily. They would hardly get bored or tired of playing.

Attention seeking

It could be possible that you are not giving your dog enough attention and your dog is trying to get your attention by being hyper. Lack of attention from the owner and family members is a common reason for dogs being overactive. To avoid this you should keep your dog with you and between the family members whenever it is possible.


Age is one of the main factors which determine the energy level of the dog. Usually, Rottweilers between the age of 1 to 2 years are more hyper and aggressive in comparison to the elder rottweilers. Proper training and socialization from an early age are very necessary to avoid the aggression and overactive behavior of rottweilers. Also, rottweilers at this age should be exercised more to utilize their extra energy.

How to make your Rottweiler calm?

Everyone wants their dog to become calm or less aggressive. For some dogs, it could be easier but for some dogs, it could be tough. It would easier if you start their training from an early age because once they become stubborn it would be very tough to change their temperament.

Training and Socializing

Socializing and training are very important for controlling the aggression of active dog breeds like rottweilers. There is no particular age from which you should start training or socializing with your rottweiler. The earlier it is the better it will be. Start training your dog basic verbal commands like stop or sit. Treats and praising behavior should be used for training instead of punishing. Then start advanced training like making him comfortable on a leash and minimizing attention-seeking behavior. You can also use calming treats by consulting your Vet. You can also take help from a dog trainer also.


Exercising is very important for making your Rottweiler calm. Active dog breed like Rottweiler needs to be exercised daily. A healthy adult Rottweiler should be exercised around 2 hours a day. You can exercise your dog in many ways like you can take him for long walks, play with him, go hiking, and can go bicycling with him. You should avoid noon time for exercising (as they are prone to heatstroke) and can choose mornings or evenings.  Also, make sure you are giving him enough time to rest.

Avoid encouraging

We do many things that encourage the hyper behavior in Rottweilers. Avoiding these activities could also help us to make our dog calm. Some of the things which we should avoid are-

  • Physical punishments
  • Caging or tying him on the leash for more time
  • Leaving a dog alone at home
  • Praising on doing wrong
  • Not giving enough attention


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