My dog is acting weird all of a sudden

Why Is My Dog Acting Weird All Of A Sudden

Why Is My Dog Acting Weird All Of A Sudden

Why Is My Dog Acting Weird All Of A Sudden: There could be many reasons for strange dog behavior, common signs are hiding, jumping or laziness

Change in behavior in the dogs is common but the sudden strange or weird changes in their behavior are not common. Some of these behaviors are dogs being too much scared, jumping and hiding, aggression, shaking, crying, and laziness. Some dogs become restless, especially at night.

But then the question arises Why is my dog acting strange, there could be many reasons including injury or some health issue, stress and anxiety, phobia, and change in diet or environment. Here we will discuss why your dog is acting strange all of a sudden.

There may be many reasons why your dog is acting weird suddenly-

Change in lifestyle of the dog

A sudden change in the lifestyle of the dog may be the reason. Dogs get used to their old routine and lifestyle so it is not necessary that they would also adopt the new environment also. It takes some time. Example– A dog would behave sleepy and lethargic on the first day of exercise.

To avoid this, you should avoid changing their routine quickly and should make small changes on a daily basis, so they didn’t get confused.

Pain due to wound or Injury

The reason for abnormal changes in the behavior of the dog could be any wound or injury. There may be some chances of a dog getting bone and joint-related problems. In such a situation you should observe changes like whining, abnormal gait, and stance, decreased activity, growling in reaction to touch, and low appetite. You should carefully find the injured area and quickly consult the Vet.


Sometimes weird behavior is also caused by aging. There are different behavioral stages of dogs, and their temperament changes according to their age. Some dogs often become aggressive and a little weird as they get older, this is maybe because of cognitive dysfunction.


If your dog is too scared of something then there are chances that your dog has developed a phobia.  The dog gets scared of some particular thing or situation.

The most common phobia among dogs is a sound phobia. In sound phobia the dogs get scared of all the loud noises, you will observe that the dog would try to hide in response to loud sounds like a car horn, crackers, and shouting. Fear of strangers, water, and crowd are also common phobias found in dogs. Counter-conditioning is required for such dogs.

Disease or other Health Problems

The reason for a dog behaving strangely could also be some disease.  The change in behavior may be a symptom of some health problems also. For Example- A dog being lethargic could be the symptom of a liver problem or kennel cough. In such a case you should take your dog to the Vet.

Anxiety and Stress

Stress and Anxiety could also cause some dogs to behave strangely. It also affects their overall health.  You could observe the signs like the ears of the dogs getting stretched towards the back of their head, rapidly blinking eyes, urinating inside the house, and change in posture.

There could be many reasons for stress or depression in dogs including separation, too much protective, a new environment, confusion, and loss of memory. Such dogs should be separated from the situations which make them depressed and should be taken to a Dog behavior specialist.

To avoid stress in dogs you should exercise the dog daily, train him properly, avoid leaving him alone at home, give him proper food, and provide rest.


Some dogs can do well if they are left alone for hours but some of them get really bored. Such dogs need to be exercised more and need someone’s company all the time. Also, you should avoid leaving the dog alone in the house for hours.

Some owners leave their dogs alone at home when they go out for work and such dogs are at the risk of developing Separation anxiety.

You would observe changes in behavior like barking too much, catching his own tail, trying to escape, urinating inside the house, being aggressive, and chewing furniture or other things.  To avoid separation anxiety you should try to avoid leaving him alone for many hours.

Handled and Trained in the wrong way

The cause of change in behavior could be improper handling also. You should think carefully whether you are giving wrong hints to your dog or not, it is possible that you are provoking your do wrong by praising him unnecessarily. You should stop your dog if he does something wrong and avoid praising him for his mistakes.

Inappropriate Diet

Sudden weird behavior could also be caused due to dietary reasons also. The dog would feel weak and lethargic if he is not getting enough nutrients from his food.

You should feed him correctly according to the likes and dislikes of your dog, it may be possible that your dog could be allergic to some eatables.  The dog could also be lactose intolerant. You should discuss with your Vet for planning the diet of your dog.

Also, you should avoid replacing the diet of your dog suddenly, you should introduce little changes on a daily basis.

The owner is harsh on the dog

If you are being aggressive or harsh towards your dog then it would affect negatively to his health and mental condition, so you should always act calmly and patiently with your dog while training. Also, you should give and handle your dog with proper love and care.

Change of the habitat of the dog

It is possible that you have recently shifted or recently adopted your dog and you have observed the behavioral changes in your dog. Your dog could be extra protective and alert, sniffing all over, urinating on furniture, and barking at strangers. Change in behavior due to a new place is common.

You don’t need to do anything, just exercise and take him out for a walk daily at least twice. Your dog would behave normally again whenever he would feel comfortable and confident. Usually, dogs may take a few weeks to get comfortable in the new house or place.

Trauma due to past incidents

Some traumas due to some incidents that happened in the past could make the dog uncomfortable. You could observe your dog being worried, scared, or aggressive towards a particular behavior or thing.  This is common among rescued dogs.

You would observe changes like the dog won’t let you leave, whining when alone, barking at strangers, and being scared of cars. In such cases, you should talk to your Vet and Dog behaviorist.

Doesn’t get enough exercising

Lack of exercise or too much exercise could also be the reason for your dog acting weird suddenly. When dogs didn’t get enough exercise they tend to become lazy and aggressive. A dog should be exercised according to its breed, usually, a normal size dog would require 30 to 60 minutes of exercise.


Usually, the behavior of dogs changes after being spayed. It affects behavior related to the heat cycle of the dog. Changes like urinating frequently, walking, and decreased aggression could be observed. In a few cases increased aggression and more appetite could be observed, however, it’s not common.

Some weird behavioral changes observed in dogs

Some of these behaviors could be common in dogs according to their personality but if you observe sudden and increased behavioral changes then you should be concerned.

  • Increased aggression
  • Lethargic behavior
  • Sniffing too much
  • Defecating or urinating inside the house
  • Chewing furniture and things too much
  • Frequently trying to catch his tail
  • Nipping and biting others
  • Licking the owner more than usual
  • Sleeping too much
  • Roaming and running inside the house
  • Stopping the owner from going out
  • Barking too much
  • Whining
  • Hiding under the bed or table

Things you should avoid

  • Changing the diet of the dog at once
  • Punishing your dog
  • Encouraging your dog’s mistakes
  • Leaving your dog alone for a long time
  • Being harsh during training
  • Scolding your dog unnecessarily
  • Physical punishments
  • Feeding your dog inappropriately

What should you do if your dog starts acting weird?

First of all, notice the time when your dog starts behaving weirdly, it would help in determining the cause of the strange behavior.  Also observe whether your dog behaves in response to some situation, if it does it as a reaction of a certain reaction then it is due to past trauma or stress and you should take your dog to the Dog behaviorist.

If you haven’t made any changes and your dog continues to behave strangely the whole day then it may be due to some injury or health issues. In such a situation you should take your dog to the Vet and tell him all the behavioral changes that you have observed in your dog.


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