Why does my Rottweiler Pant all the time

Why does my Rottweiler Pant all the time

Why does my Rottweiler Pant all the time?

Why does my Rottweiler Pant all the time: Some of the reasons for Rottweiler panting so much are hot weather, stress, and excitement.

We all know that all dogs pant (breathe heavily) and it is all-natural but some dogs are known for panting too much. Rottweiler is one of those dog breeds known for panting most of the time, the main reason behind it is hot temperature and exercise. It is quite rare to see a Rottweiler panting heavily who lives in snowy areas. Besides these causes, there could be other reasons also. Now we would discuss why do Rottweilers pant so much?

Reasons for Rottweiler heavy or too much panting-

Hot weather

Rottweiler Panting
Rottweiler Panting

The main reason for a Rottweiler panting or breathing heavily in hot weather, especially in summer. If you live in an area with increased temperature then it is obvious your Rottweiler will pant much. Unlike humans dogs don’t sweat instead of this they pant, and panting helps them to reduce their body temperature.

Make sure your Rottie doesn’t get heated as they are prone to heatstroke. Always take all the precautions like keeping your dog hydrated, avoiding exercising in sunlight, always carry water when taking your dog out, and keeping him in a cool and shady place. Symptoms of heatstroke excessive panting with drooling, uneasiness, and unconsciousness.


Anxiety or fear could also cause your Rottweiler to pant much. You could observe whether your dog is anxious or not by looking at his body language. Maybe he is getting nervous in response to some things like noise or separation. Some of the signs commonly observed in anxious dogs are repeatedly licking, increased size of the pupil, lack of appetite, and uneasiness. You should take your Rottweiler to a Dog behaviorist for reducing such behavior.

Health problems

There are many health problems that can cause heavy breathing or too much panting in Rottweilers. Some of these diseases are rare and some of them are common. However, if you observe your dog panting abnormally then you should immediately take your dog to the Vet. Heart issues, respiratory disorders, and some common health issues like Bloat and heat stroke could cause too much panting in Rottweilers.

Besides diseases, some injuries could also make your Rottweiler pant more because they breathe heavily when they are in pain. You could identify whether your dog is in pain or not by observing his activity level and behavior, whining, decreased appetite and abnormal gait are common symptoms that you should look for.

Some medications could also make your Rottweiler pant more, so it would be better if you ask your Vet about the side effects and impact.

Toxic substance

A Rottweiler could also breathe heavily or pant much if he has swallowed something poisonous or toxic. There are many things that dogs usually swallow usually while going to walk. Like poisonous plants, frogs, insects, and puffer. White foamy saliva, nausea, bloating and epilepsy could be observed. In such cases, an owner should act fast and quickly consult a Vet because intake of something toxic could be life-threatening to a dog.


Similar to humans, dogs also pants after exercising, running, or jumping. When we ran out of breath after running in the same way dogs pant when they require more oxygen. So, It is normal for a dog to pant after jogging but we recommend you to stop if your dog starts resisting. Also, you should avoid exercising your dog on hot summer days. If your dog starts jumping when he gets excited then it is obvious that he will pant more in excitement.

When to concern a Vet?

If you observe the following things, then we recommend you to consult the Vet.

  • Uneasiness and Nausea
  • Abnormal and sudden panting
  • Foamy saliva or heavy drooling
  • Bloat
  • Vomiting
  • Change in color of gums
  •  Continuous and heavy panting

Things that you should do-

  • Always provide fresh water to drink to your dog
  • Avoid going out at noontime instead choose mornings or evenings
  • Make sure your dog’s collar is not tight
  • Take water whenever going out for a walk, traveling, hiking, etc
  • Avoid exercising on hot summer days
  • Make sure your dog be in cool areas and away from sunlight in the summers
  • Don’t train or exercise your dog for too long, instead of this makes training sessions short
  • Take your dog to the vet for monthly health checkups to reduce health-related risks
  • Avoid keeping your dog on a leash for a long time, especially in the summers


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