Why does my Rottweiler Growl at me when I Hug him

Why does my Rottweiler Growl at me when I Hug him

Why does my Rottweiler Growl at me when I Hug him?

Why does my Rottweiler growl at me when I hug him: Rottweilers growl or grumble on being hugged or cuddled reason could be many as relaxation

Almost all Rottweiler owners would accept the fact that Rottweiler puppies love to cuddle. Many of them also enjoy it after growing up but some of them growl in response to being hugged. Some of those dogs like to cuddle but they start growling when they hug them back.

You may have noticed that your Rottie seems to be happy but when you try to hug him he starts growling and showing teeth. It seems like he is uncomfortable and doesn’t want to hug you. Then the question arises in the owner’s mind why does my Rottweiler growls when I hug him?

Main reasons why Rottweilers growl when owners try to hug them back –

Some owners often get confused what’s the reason behind my dog getting angry and grumbling at me when I cuddle him. Rottweiler puppies usually like to cuddle but what happens when they grew up, why suddenly do they get so annoyed about being hugged? Here we would discuss the main reasons behind that.


Usually, Rottweilers are considered a courageous dog breed but it doesn’t mean that they don’t get anxious or scared. Maybe your Rottweiler is growling or whining in defense because he thinks that you are trying to choke him.

Anxiety could also happen due to some past experiences. Also, you should be a little careful because such dogs could also bite in defense.

To know whether he is scared or not you should observe the body language of your dog. The main sign that you would observe are resisting physical contact, whining, trembling, and hiding the tail between legs. If you think that your dog is scared or anxious then you should take your dog to a dog behaviorist.

Dominating personality

Usually, dogs have two types of personalities dominating or submissive. Fearless dog breeds like Rottweilers are rarely submissive, they are usually dominant by birth. You won’t normally see them being submissive that’s why they easily adopt aggression.

Another reason for your Rottweiler growling at you could be his domination over you. Yes, they could be a little dominating to owners also. Such dogs are usually aggressive towards others and they don’t like much physical affection. Food aggression and possessive aggression could also be observed in such dogs.

Usually, dominant Rottweilers show affection only on their own will and mood. Example- You may observe your Rottweiler showing affection and hugging you but when you try to hug him, he will growl at you.


Besides their health there could be other reasons also, maybe your dog is not feeling well. Being restless or uncomfortable could also be the reason for resisting hugs. Maybe your dog becomes uneasy and gets uncomfortable when you hug him.

It could be possible that he is feeling sleepy or his health is not so good. if your dog recently starts resisting or being angry while being hugged then you should also check his health.

Active and frisky

We all know Rottweiler is kind of extra energetic and they love to play. It might be possible that when you are trying to hug your dog he misunderstood it as a game and start growling. Unlike other dog breeds, Rottweilers take these things aggressively.

Maybe when you are trying to cover your hands around him he gets excited and takes it as a challenge. You could simply understand by looking at them whether they are excited or not, usually, they wag their tail. If your dog gets playful and excited more often and easily then you should exercise him regularly and discipline train your Rottweiler.

Happy and Enjoyment

It might be possible your Rottweiler isn’t growling, maybe he is just grumbling. Usually, when dogs get petted they grumble that simply means they are relaxed and enjoying themselves. It could happen that your Rottweiler isn’t growling he is just happy and grumbling due to relaxation.

You could identify this behavior by looking face of your Rottweiler, usually, Rottweiler closes their eyes while being happy.

What you should avoid?

  • Shouting or scolding your dog in response to a growl
  • Holding or cuddling your dog tightly
  • Ignoring growl
  • Using physical force to hug your dog

How to train your Rottweiler to hug you!

Usually, dogs cuddle or hug their owners when they want to show affection. It shows the great bond between the dog and the owner. In the same way, rottweilers do that. Some owners often get confused that why their Rottweiler doesn’t like to cuddle.

The reason for this is simply the behavior of the dog. Some dogs do like cuddling and many don’t. Now we will discuss how can you train your Rottweiler to hug or cuddle you.

To make your Rottweiler hug you, you should be sure that your dog is comfortable doing this. If he is not comfortable he would continue to growl.

You should start verbal training your Rottweiler by the reward system, if he does something good then give him a treat as a reward for a positive step. You can use any good thing that your dog likes to eat.

  1. Make your Rottweiler sit in a sitting position
  2. Then speak the word “hug me”, then place his paws on your shoulder gently
  3. Then give him a reward and place his feet down and say “good”.
  4. Be consistent and patient while training and repeat these steps. Don’t make training sessions long and make them more exciting so that he doesn’t feel bored.


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