Why Does My Rottweiler Growl At Me

Why Does My Rottweiler Growl At Me And How To Control It

Why does my Rottweiler Growl at Me and How to Control it

Why does my Rottweiler Growl at Me: Mostly Rottweilers only growl or grumble at owner as complaint but it might also be an aggressive warning.

Usually, dogs don’t bark or growl for no reason, as humans use words to express themselves, dogs bark to communicate and show their emotions.  As Rottweilers are aggressive in nature most people thought that they only bark on being angry. Usually, Rottweilers only growl when they don’t feel comfortable when picked up or hugged. Their Puppies are known for grumbling and biting but proper training could stop this habit. Rottweiler is not considered to be very vocal, they don’t bark much as compared to other dog breeds although they growl more.

You need to observe the situation and understand why they are barking or growling at you, there are chances that they are trying to tell you something or they are just enjoying. There may be many reasons for your Rottweiler growling, now we will discuss the reasons why your Rottweiler growls or bark at you.

Reasons for Rottweiler growling at the owner

Asking for a walk

The reason for the Rottweiler growling or barking at the owner could be that he wants to go out for a walk to pee or potty.  Dogs are generally afraid of urinating inside the house so they use to growl if they want to go out for a walk. Many dogs don’t urinate inside the house on being ignored, instead of this they hold their urine in the fear of being scolded. So you should take your dog out for walks after some hours and make sure that your dog doesn’t hold pee for a long time because it can cause many health issues including urinary tract infection, diabetes, and kidney issues.

Want to play and go outside

It may be possible that your dog is getting bored indoors and he just wants to go outside and play with you.  Rottweiler is an active dog breed that needs to be exercised regularly. Unlike the dog breeds like English Bulldogs, Rottweilers don’t like to rest indoors all day. They are very playful and love to play outside, so growling could also be due to boredom.

Demanding food

Hunger or greed for delicious food could be the reason that your dog is growling at you. He is simply asking you to give him more food or treats. Sometimes when you are eating something delicious and dogs start barking or growling because they want to accompany you. You could also observe your dog drooling.


Sometimes Dogs also growl while getting a massage, brushing, bathing, or playing. Many owners misunderstood that their Rottweiler isn’t liking to be brushed or playing with them as they growl but dogs also growl when they are enjoying and are happy.  Rottweiler loves to be petted so you may observe them growling slowly.  You may think that why your dog is growling while playing and it indicated that your dog is enjoying it.

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It is quite difficult to tell if your dog is going through some sickness or pain but if you observe the behavioral and physical changes in your dog you can find it.  Usually, when dogs go through some pain they tend to whine or growl in response to the touch on the affected area. You should avoid ignoring your Rottweiler growling or whining because dogs usually complain or tell about their health conditions to their owner by growling only. To know that the reason for growling is due to some health problems you should notice the changes in appetite and activity level of the dog.

Sometimes you could observe your dog growling and resisting while exercising or jogging, the reason could be heatstroke or too much exercising. So don’t exercise your dog too much and make sure your dog is breathing properly, well-hydrated, and getting enough rest.

Being Dominative and Aggressive

As Rottweilers are territorial and are dominative in nature growling at the owner could also be a sign of showing aggression towards you. In some cases, it is a sign of improper training and socializing.  Usually, dogs are a little more possessive towards their food, toys, bowl, and bone, and they don’t like to share them. Also, you should avoid disturbing your dog while eating or drinking water and they respond with a growl or bark as a warning sign.

It doesn’t matter if you are an owner or stranger, there is something that dogs don’t like and they usually act aggressively with a growl. You may observe your Rottweiler growling when you cuddle and pick your dog up, it simply shows the dominant behavior of your dog.

Growling to seek Attention seeking

Make sure you are giving enough attention to your Rottweiler because growling at the owner could also be due to less attention. Rottweilers are of social nature and love to gain the attention of their owner or family members. It is possible that your dog gets easily bored and wants to gain your attention all the time so he can start to bark or growl at you. Make sure you are giving enough attention and avoid leaving your dog at home so that he doesn’t get bored.

Growling due to Fear

Some dogs could develop phobia or fear due to past incidents or other things. It is possible that your Rottweiler is afraid of you or you are doing something inappropriate, For Example: Insisting a dog to jump in the pool who is afraid of water. Also, you should never give your dog physical punishments because it can affect your dog negatively both physically and mentally. You may notice your dog hiding, whining, and having his tail between his legs. You should take your dog to a dog behaviorist or to an experienced dog owner.

When and how to control your Rottweiler growling?

First of all, you should try to know the reason behind your dog’s growls. If your Rottweiler growls only when you are going out for work then it means your dog feels lonely when left alone. In such a case, you should avoid leaving him alone for long hours. If you can’t do this then try to get another pet with whom he can play or you should drop him to doggy daycare in your absence.

If the reason behind your Rottweiler growling is a health problem then take him immediately to Vet because some health issues spread aggressively, so try to cure them before it gets serious. And if the reason behind your Rottweiler growls on you is fear or aggression then you should take him to a dog behaviorist or an experienced trainer.


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