why does my rottweiler follows me

Why does my Rottweiler follow me everywhere

Why does my Rottweiler follow me everywhere?

Why does my Rottweiler follow me everywhere: Reasons for Rottweiler following owner can be separation anxiety, food demand, cuddle, or walk.

Rottweilers are known for getting clingy with owners and following their owners. Many of us find clingy behavior cute, but we don’t know exactly why our beloved pet follows us everywhere.

Usually, young dogs especially around the age of 3 months are known for following their owners. But It also depends upon the breed that your dog is clingy or not. such dog breeds who love to get stick with their owners are known as Velcro dog breeds.

Rottweilers are of very loyal temperament and they also love to stalk or follow their owners. Have you ever thought about why your Rottweiler follows you everywhere? No matter day or night, they will also drop you at the bathroom at midnight by disturbing their sleep.

The most common reason for a Rottweiler following their owner is that he loves you and wants to be with you! Still, there may be many reasons for this depending upon your dog’s behavior. Here we will discuss possible reasons why is your Rottweiler following you everywhere

Strong bond

A dog following his owner always shows that the owner and the dog have a very good relationship and they can’t go anywhere without each other. Rottweilers are known for creating a strong bond with their owner, they could be a great companion dog that anyone has thought of. Usually, they choose a favorite person from the family. In simple words the reason why your dog follows you could be that he likes your presence and wants to be with you.


Rottweilers are considered to be the best guard dog breed. They are known for being very protective of the owner and family. It could be possible that your Rottie is quite an extra protective of you and wants you to be under his surveillance. This behavior is a little common in territorial and defensive dog breeds.

Separation anxiety

Do you leave your Rottweiler alone at home for hours? Then your dog could have separation anxiety. Rottweiler is a social dog breed that hates to be alone and leaving them alone for long hours could be the worst. Separation anxiety is a common behavioral issue that is found in many dogs, usually in those dogs who are left alone in the home by owners. A dog with this disorder follows his owner under the fear of being left alone.

Whining, destructive behavior and escaping could be signs of this. This disorder could increase and can affect the mental health of the dog negatively. So we recommend you avoid leaving your dog alone for much time.

Too young

Puppies are known for following their owner usually around the age of 3 months. Under this period called the imprinting stage a puppy imprints or learns more from his owner and surrounding. So, following and sticking to the owner is common. You should not be concerned if your Rottweiler is this much young.

Attention seeking

Active dog breeds like Rottweiler easily get bored so following the owner to gain attention could also be the reason. It is common that your dog is following you in the boredom and he wants to walk with you as he has no other thing to do. They also do things like leaning over family members, biting or scratching furniture, and barking to catch the attention of their parents. It depends upon dog to dog; some have more attention-seeking behavior some have less.

Want food

You recently fed your dog? but now he needs more food! Greed for food is common in Rottweilers, so it is possible that your dog is following you for the expectation of food. Not only Rottweiler all dog breeds do this as they want something delicious to eat. But this demand for extra food could become a habit of your dog and could make him obese. To stop your dog from over-eating, you should change the feeding routine. Instead of giving all food at once or twice, try to give him in small portions.

Want to tell something

It is not obvious there would be some psychological or behavioral reason hiding behind your Rottweiler stalking you. There could be something he wanted to tell you. For example- He wants you to refill his water bowl, wanted to go out to pee, or asking for a walk.

When does is it becomes too much?

Your dog getting clingy is nothing to be concerned about and we always find this behavior of our Rottweiler cute. But it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t think about it. If your dog only follows you and doesn’t make any connection with other family members or friends. Then you should think about the behavior of your dog. It means that your Rottweiler needs more socializing and he needs to be comfortable with other family members too.


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