Why do Rottweilers drool so much

Why do Rottweilers Drool so much and How to control it

Why do Rottweilers Drool so much and How to control it

Why do Rottweilers Drool so much: There could be many reasons for sudden drooling in rottweilers like oral disease and food anticipation.

Owning a Rottweiler is a very beautiful and fun experience. Their famous black & tan coat and their intimidating look attract many dog lovers. The amount of Rottweiler fans is increasing day by day still we suggest you know more about this dog breed before adopting it. Some things including their habit and behavior could be different from your expectations. One of the things that you must know about Rottweiler is that they are known for drooling.

First, we would know what is drooling? Drooling is the excessive flow of saliva that a dog is not able to swallow or store inside his mouth. Dog breeds with loose lips and face structure naturally drool more.

It is natural for a Rottweiler to drool in a fair amount; it is because of the structure of their mouth. Sudden and excessive drooling could be a sign of a health problem, so you should monitor the behavior of your dog. However, besides these two reasons, there are also many reasons for excessive drooling in Rottweilers.

Why is my Rottweiler drooling so much?

Here we will discuss the possible reasons for excessive drooling in Rottweilers-

Food expectation

One fact about the behavior of Rottweilers that we should know about is their greed for food. The reason for drooling could be food. Maybe you are giving him food or there is something delicious on the table that the mouth of your dog starts watering. The smell could also lead your dog to drool in the hope or anticipation of getting something to eat.

Not only Rottweiler this is common in almost all dog breeds. To reduce this try to keep your dog away from food until it’s his or her time to eat.  Also if you are eating something try to eat it in another room and avoid giving him food when you are eating.

Hot season

If your Rottweiler is suddenly drooling excessively in summers then this could be due to hot weather. In this condition, you could see your dog panting heavily along with drool. This means your dog is getting difficulty in keeping his body cool.

As Rottweilers are also prone to heatstroke we will suggest you keep your dog cool on hot summer days. Rotties are not very good when it comes to being comfortable in hot weather, so it would be good if you take measures to make your dog cool and comfortable. Also, provide plenty of fresh water and keep him away from direct sunlight (as dark color attracts more heat). You could also bathe your dog more often and brush or use a de-shedding tool to make him cooler.

Oral problems

You should always check the health of the teeth and gums of your dog. The reason for a Rottweiler drooling so much could be oral problems. Almost all oral problems cause a dog to drool more. Oral or mouth problems like ulcers, injury, mouth infections, tumors, esophagus, stomatitis, and other gum diseases could make your dog drool more.

Tartar buildup is one of the most common oral condition which causes excessive drooling.  You should check that there isn’t brownish decay on the teeth of your dog. Make sure there isn’t anything stuck in his teeth.

Injury in the mouth or fractured teeth could also cause heavy drooling. If you brush your dog then you should be cautious, make sure you don’t hurt his gums. Also, be sure your dog has no gum or teeth injury because it can worsen the problem.

Some of the things that you should check to prevent mouth problems: swollen gums, yellow teeth, bad breath, ulcers, bleeding, and redness. If you notice these things then you should take your dog to the vet for a professional checkup.

Intake of Toxic substance

Sometimes dog swallows the objects or substance which they shouldn’t, some of these things are also poisonous or toxic. They usually swallow things like poisonous plants, frogs, insects, and puffers. Usually in such cases dog began to pant heavily along with white foamy saliva or drool.

Swallowing or taking something poisonous could be life-threatening to dogs so we suggest you immediately rush to the Vet.

Health issues

Sometimes heavy drooling could be a symptom of a disease, you should always look for symptoms like nausea, discomfort, loss of appetite, vomiting, and coughing  Respiratory diseases like sinus, bacterial infections, and throat infection could lead to sudden drooling. A health condition called bloat or gastric torsion could also lead to foamy saliva, this condition is common in Rottweiler and its main symptom is a bloated stomach.

Some medications could also lead to increased drooling in rottweilers. It would be better if you ask your vet about the side effects of drugs.

Also, many liver and kidney diseases can cause heavy drooling in dogs. You should always look for symptoms as some of these diseases can be life-threatening. To avoid any danger we suggest you take your Rottweiler for a monthly health checkup.


In stress and anxiety, dogs breathe heavily and drool more. So these things could also lead to too much drooling in rottweilers. You should always work on reducing anxiety in your dog. To reduce anxiety or stress first of all you should know the main reason behind it. For example, if your dog has separation anxiety then you should avoid leaving him alone.  Anxiety is important to reduce because it leads to behavioral and health problems. You should also take your dog to a dog behaviorist for the same.


Traveling in the car or any other vehicle could also lead to heavy drooling in rottweilers. They usually got carsick when they travel continuously for a long time. To avoid this you should take small breaks while traveling a long distance, give him plenty of water and take him outside of the car to walk so that he can get fresh air.

How to treat excessive drooling in Rottweilers?

You can follow these tips to control drooling in rottweilers-

  • First of all, you should take your dog for monthly health checkups. As it can help you to identify whether too much drooling of your dog is a matter of concern or not. Some medications also cause dogs to drool more so it would be better if you ask your vet about the effects of those drugs.
  • Make sure your dog is getting plenty of freshwaters to drink especially on hot summer days.
  • In Summers, take all the necessary steps to make your dog cooler as Rottweilers are prone to heatstroke. Avoid exercising too much especially in the sunshine.
  • If your dog gets carsick during traveling then try to limit the distance of traveling by taking small breaks. Make sure he is getting fresh air while he is in the car so he can breathe. If these things didn’t make him much comfortable ask your vet for some medications or tips to make him more comfortable while traveling.
  • Ensure the oral health of your dog, clean the teeth of your dog regularly to avoid tartar buildup.
  • In the end, you should understand that drooling is natural it can’t be stopped however you can control the factors to avoid messiness.


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