Top 16 reasons Why should you have a Rottweiler as your pet Dog

Top 16 reasons Why should you have a Rottweiler as your Pet dog

Top 16 reasons Why should you have a Rottweiler as your Pet dog

Top 16 reasons Why should you have a Rottweiler as your Pet dog: Are you confuse whether you should get a Rottweiler or not, here are reasons

Are you planning to own or get a Rottweiler puppy, but many questions are arising in your brain. About grooming, safety, behavior, or temperament. Many of us think that Rottweilers are one master dog and are dangerous to others, but this is not true. Here we will bust such myths and discuss all the reasons to get a Rottweiler puppy and the benefits of living with them.

Handsome Looks

Demand for Rottweilers is increasing day by day, the main reason for this is their looks. Rotties are famous for their attractive appearance. They have a shiny coat of black and tan color which looks great on them. The eye-catching markings on their coat just increase their beauty. Rather than this, their body structure looks very powerful.

Very Playful

why you should get a rottweiler
why you should get a rottweiler

Many of us want a dog who loves to play, if you are also looking for such a dog then a Rottweiler would be perfect for you. Rotties hardly get bored of sporting; they are always ready to play. They are very frisky and are always excited.  If you want to make a Rottweiler happy just take him outside and start playing.

Great guards

Rottweilers are considered to be one of the best guard dog breeds. They are very protective and territorial by birth. Usually, they don’t need the training to learn guarding; they are naturally alert and watchful. Though they are not much vocal still they wouldn’t let anyone enter without their will. Belittle careful because due to their territorial and possessive behavior they sometimes could adopt aggression towards strangers.

Loyal to owner

One of the best qualities of their nature is their loyalty towards their owner. Rottweilers are naturally loyal towards their family and owner. Because of guarding capabilities and loyal behavior, a Rottweiler would never step back from protecting its family in emergency situations.

Highly Intelligent

Many people often misunderstood that Rottweilers are just aggressive and powerful, they don’t know about the intelligence of Rotties. Rottweiler is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world! It’s not much difficult for them to learn new things. Also, they are good at understanding human emotions.

Highly Social

One thing that you should know about Rottweilers before getting one is about their social behavior. Rottweilers hate to be alone, if you want to go to work leaving your dog alone at home then this breed is not for you. Leaving them alone at home for hours could cause mental issues like Separation anxiety. Rotties always wanted to be within their family members and they could also do some weird things to gain the attention of the owner.

Much Affectionate

Rottweilers are infamous for their aggressive behavior but with proper training and socialization, they can be really affectionate. Usually, Rotties are of friendly temperament but some of them are known to adopt aggression towards strangers. But overall they are good-natured and can also live as a family pet. Also, they love to cuddle and give kisses to their humans.

Are very Cute

The reason many people get attracted to rottweilers is their cuteness. If you look into the eyes of a Rottweiler you won’t resist yourself to pet him, their adorable look is the secret to why they get left out by committing mistakes.  A Rottweiler puppy will surely melt your heart, if you need a cute and cuddly dog then Rotties are good for you.

Muscular and powerful

Besides their agility and energy level, Rottweilers are much powerful in comparison to other dog breeds. Their muscular and tough body makes them more powerful.  Another thing that can’t be ignored is their strong bite force; Rotties have a bite force of around 328 PSI.  Imagine a guard dog with this many qualities, Rottweilers are the perfect combination of strength, speed, and intelligence.

Happy soul

Rottweiler temperament
Rottweiler temperament

Another reason why should you have a Rottweiler is their joyful temperament. Rottweiler is always seemed to be excited and happy. They will always give you positive vibes. Rotties are always jumping and dancing in happiness, they are not much lazy as large size dog breeds. Owning a Rottweiler would definitely make positive changes in your life.

Large size

If you want a large dog with whom you can cuddle then Rottweiler is a good option for you. A male Rottweiler can measure from 60 to 69 cm and can weigh up to 70 kg. Whereas a Female Rottweiler can measure from 55 to 64 cm and can weigh up to 60 kg.  In comparison to other large-sized dog breeds, Rottweilers have many advantages. Like their agility, intelligence, and health.

Highly trainable

From pulling carts of butchers to family dogs, Rottweilers have a long history of working with humans. Their smartness makes them capable of understanding the owner’s command easily.  Training of Rottweiler is not much difficult and easily learns new trick and skills because of their intelligence. You can train them consistently as they don’t get bored easily. In addition, they can be really obedient and disciplined if they are trained and socialized from an early age.

Don’t need much grooming

No one likes hairs scattered on the floor and make their home messy. Many dog owners think that Rottweilers need regular grooming to maintain hygiene but this is not true.

Rottweilers have a double-layered coat of medium length. Their coat is glossy and looks beautiful on them. They are known for shedding moderately still they don’t need much grooming. Regular brushing and monthly baths are enough to control shedding in them. During shedding season you can bathe them more frequently or you can use de-shedding tools like furminator.

Won’t let you bored

Rottweilers are attention seekers; they always want you to notice them. Rottweilers always try to do things that catch the attention of their owner. They won’t let you get feel alone and got bored. Behavior like the following owner, hugging, and laying the body on the owner is common in Rottie. Getting a Rottweiler would surely change your life.

Love to explore

We all know that Rottweiler is an active breed of dog and they love to play. Besides this Rotties loves to go outside and explore new routes. This behavior of Rottweiler is mostly observed around the age of 1 to 2 years. Around this age, you should take your Rottweiler out more often. A Rottweiler could be a perfect companion to those who love to go out for long walks, hiking, jogging, etc.

When should you own a Rottweiler as a Pet?

Now we will discuss some main things and characteristics about Rottweiler that you should know. If you think that you want such qualities in your pet dog then you can own a Rottweiler as a pet dog

You should own a Rottweiler if you are looking for a dog which would-

  • Be of large size and Heavyweight
  • Be easy to train
  • Love to go outside and exercise
  • Be very active and playful
  • Be strong and Muscular
  • Not need much grooming
  •  Be always excited and happy
  •  Be a good guard
  • Not shed excessively
  • Be affectionate and loyal to family members
  • Be less vocal

You should not own a Rottweiler if you are looking for a dog which –

  •  Would be friendly to a stranger
  • Need less exercising
  • Be a small lap dog
  • Can adjust in apartment
  • Would be good for first-time owners
  • Could be left alone at home for few hours
  • Shed little (as Rotties shed in moderate amount)
  • Would be less outgoing


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