Top 10 Ways to Stop or Control Excessive Shedding in Rottweilers

Top 10 Ways to Stop or Control Excessive Shedding in Rottweilers

Top 10 Ways to Stop or Control Excessive Shedding in Rottweilers

Top 10 Ways to Stop or Control Excessive Shedding in Rottweilers: Rottweiler shed their coat heavily in the spring season, brushing can help.

No one wants their dog’s hair to be scattered all over their house.  It gets difficult to control shedding especially for high shedding level dog breeds like Rottweilers. Rotties are known for shedding their coat or hair moderately but they shed a lot or heavily in a particular season. Bathing and the regular use of various brushes or de-shedding tools could help in controlling or minimizing but it can’t be stopped permanently as it is a natural process. But many Rottweiler owners didn’t know this here we will discuss the top 10 ways or tips by which you can control or minimize your Rottweiler’s shedding.

How much and when do Rottweilers shed?

Rottweilers are famous for their beautiful black coat with eye-catching tan markings on it. Their double-layered coat is dense but the hairs are of medium length. The outer coat is much rough than the undercoat.

Rottweilers are known for shedding moderately throughout the year, but they can shed heavily in the spring and fall seasons. They need regular grooming during high shedding season to avoid the mess.

Top 10 ways or tips How to Stop or Control Excessive Rottweiler Shedding

Now we discuss, the best ways to control, temporarily stop, or minimize the shedding of your Rottweilers. Before starting you should know that shedding or hair loss is a natural process in dogs it can’t be stopped permanently,  it is the process of removal of old hair from the body of a dog. But you can eliminate those factors that are leading to excessive shedding in your Rottweiler.

By brushing regularly

No one likes hair scattered all over the house but if you brush your dog’s coat daily it will help you to maintain cleanliness. Brushing is the easiest way of cleaning your dog’s coat; it helps in removing extra dead hair and dirt from your dog’s coat. Usually, dogs also enjoy it. During the high shedding season, you can brush your dog daily or weekly in the low shedding season. Avoid brushing if your dog has injury or swelling.

But one question arises in everyone’s mind which brush is best for Rottweilers? We think a Rubber curry brush would be perfect for a Rottweiler.

Avoiding Fleas

Fleas or ticks are among the major causes of shedding in dogs. It causes itching which makes the dog scratch himself, eventually leads to hair fall, redness and injuries. Usually, dogs get fleas from other animals carrying fleas or from grasses and bushes. Playful dog breeds like Rottweilers have more chances of getting fleas or ticks.

You should always take precautions to avoid fleas from your dog’s coat, like brushing & bathing them regularly, observing their coat, etc. If your dog has got fleas or ticks then you should take your dog to the Vet, he may suggest you spray, shampoo, or other medications.

Tip: Coconut oil is good for a dog’s coat and skin, also it will help in avoiding fleas or ticks.

Feeding your Rottweiler Proper diet

One of the main causes of Excessive shedding in dogs is improper diet. Maybe your Rottweiler is not getting enough nutrition according to his needs. The nutritional need of a Rottweiler mainly depends upon his age and lifestyle. The diet of your dog should contain a proper amount of proteins, minerals, and vitamins (like vitamin A and vitamin E). You should carefully read the ingredients of your dog’s food and consult with your Vet whether it’s healthy or not. Make sure you are not feeding him anything to which your dog is allergic, food allergies also cause hair loss.

Avoid feeding extra supplements without consulting your dog. You can add some Cod liver oil, salmon, or tuna to your dog’s diet as they are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids; eggs are also good for a dog’s coat.

By regular bathing

If your dog loves to bathe then it would be easy for you as bathing is also a very effective way to control excessive hair fall. During high shedding, season bathing can help to remove old or dead hair from the dog’s coat and make your dog light and comfortable.

It also helps in removing fleas and dirt from a dog’s coat and skin and reduces the chances of getting a skin infection. You can bathe your Rottweiler using a good dog shampoo that suits his hair; you can consult your Vet for selecting a suitable shampoo.

But how much bathing do Rottweilers need?  You can bathe your dog whenever your dog’s coat gets filthy or dirty. Or you can bathe him once every two months.

However, it totally depends upon the lifestyle of your dog. If your dog is much active and gets dirty easily you can bathe them often. Make sure you don’t bathe them too often as frequent bathing can make their skin dry and flaky.

Using De-shedding tools

Using a De-shedding tool is another great option to control high shedding. If your dog doesn’t shed much then regular brushing is enough. You can use any de-shedding tool which you find gentle and comfortable to dog. Deshedders remove the extra weak and dead hair from the coat of your dog. There are many De-shedding tools like Furminator.

Keeping your Rottweiler Hydrated

Always provide clean and fresh water to your dog so that he can get hydrated all the time. As dehydration is a common cause of shedding in Rottweilers. Dehydration can make your dog’s skin dry and leads to shedding.

You should place a bowl of water next to his lunch bowl so that he can drink water any time he feels thirsty. Also, carry water in a container whenever going out with your dog. You can also feed your dog wet food instead of dry one to increase water intake.

Ensuring the Cleanliness of your house

You may be thinking about how the cleanliness of my house would affect my Rottweiler’s shedding level. The chances of getting skin allergies, fleas, or ticks are more in an unhygienic environment. All of these things can cause abnormal shedding in dogs. So cleaning the environment around your dog is as important as cleaning your dog. We suggest keeping your house clean and especially the areas where your dog spends most of his time.

Taking your dog to a vet

If your Rottweiler is shedding excessively for much time and you are not observing any difference then you should take your dog to the Vet. As sometimes sudden and abnormal shedding is also caused due to some diseases or health problems. Some dogs also shed their hair when they get neutered.

Some of the health problems which cause hair fall in dogs are Hypothyroidism, cancer, liver diseases, sunburn, skin infections, and kidney diseases. Usually, a person would observe other symptoms in his dogs like sudden weight loss, low activity level, low appetite, uneasiness, etc. If you observe certain changes or symptoms in your dog then you should immediately rush to the Vet.

Some of these diseases are life-threatening so we suggest you take your dog to Vet for monthly health checkups. Monthly visits to the vet will minimize the risks.

Regular Exercise

Lack of exercise could also be the reason for shedding indirectly. Exercising is very important for energetic dog breeds like Rottweiler. It maintains their overall health and relieves anxiety. It is obvious if your dog would be fit his coat would be healthier. Most importantly it would make your dog happy and healthy!

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Keeping their hairs dry

Most of us have the habit of not wiping the water after bathing our dog and this is totally wrong. You should never let your dog wet for much time as a wet surface is an ideal environment for fungus growth. So leaving your dog wet could cause a fungal infection so you should always try to wipe your dog with a towel after bathing.


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