Top 10 Reasons Why Rottweilers are the Best

Top 10 Reasons Why Rottweilers are the Best

Top 10 reasons Why Rottweilers are the Best

Top 10 Reasons Why Rottweilers are the Best: Rottweilers are known for courageous temperament, intelligence, and guarding skills.

Often considered dangerous Rottweiler is a guard dog breed from Germany known for its fearless and assertive temperament. Due to many reasons, Rotties are considered one of the best family dog breeds. There are many advantages or pros of getting a Rottweiler puppy as a pet in your life. Here we are discussing the top reasons why Rottweilers are the best to own.

10. Rottweilers are not much vocal

Do you live in a place where keeping a vocal dog is a little difficult then a Rottie can be the option. Yes, you may get surprised to know that Rottweilers are known for barking too much as dog breeds like Siberian husky. You would rarely see a Rottweiler barking for no reason, they only bark when it is important. However, some can develop the habit of barking at strangers due to increased aggression and territorial behavior, but proper socialization from an early age can help in avoiding aggression.

9. Rottweilers are always happy and positive

Dogs are known for spreading joy and positive vibes. Getting a Rottweiler would also bring positivity to your life. These happy and playful giants love to give hugs and kisses. You hardly observe them being slothful; they are always jumping in excitement and wagging their tail. Certainly, a Rottweiler would bring happiness to your life.

8. The grooming needs of Rottweilers are low

Many people don’t want a high-maintenance dog breed because of lack of time or some other reason. Rottweilers also don’t need much grooming. People often thought that they need high grooming due to their dense double-layered coat but it’s not difficult to groom their coat. Also, they are known for shedding moderately throughout the year. However, you can observe hair scattered on the floor during the fall season.

Usually, it doesn’t take much time and effort to groom them. Just regular brushing and bathing every second month is enough for them. To control shedding you can also use a good de-shedding tool.

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7. Rottweilers are very Attractive

Rottweilers are famous for their appearance. One of the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of Rottweilers is their attractive looks. They have a muscular body along with a glossy black colored coat with beautiful unique markings of the tan color.

6. Rottweilers are Highly trainable

Rottweiler is considered a highly trainable dog breed. It doesn’t require much effort to teach them new tricks as they can understand the commands of the owners easily. Additionally, Rotties can be trained consistently because of their high energy level and good attention.

One thing that owners have to keep in mind that they have to make the training sessions interesting in order to avoid the dog getting bored. They can be trained to do various things, nowadays rottweilers are performing well as military, service, police, guard and rescue dogs all over the world.

5. Rottweilers are of social nature

One of the personality traits that most people are unaware of is the social nature of Rottweilers. Rotties are often considered rude towards strangers but it doesn’t mean that they don’t like human companionship. You will be surprised to know that most of the rottweilers don’t like to be alone. They always want to be among family members.

Some habits like following the owner everywhere and being clingy are quite common. You can also observe attention-seeking habits like barking for no reason and laying head over the owner. We suggest not to own a Rottweiler if you need a dog that would be comfortable being alone as leaving them alone for a long time can cause separation anxiety.

4. Rottweilers can be friendly and affection

One of the temperamental traits that make the Rottweiler best is their Friendly and affectionate behavior. You may have heard about their aggressive behavior but if they are socialized and trained well they can be really nice. It all depends upon how they are raised and trained. The main reason that makes a Rottie aggressive towards others is improper socialization.

Usually, they are very caring and affectionate to their owner and family. Even they can be good with other pets too if they are grown up with them.

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3. Rottweilers are very active and Playful

if you want an active and energetic dog then a Rottweiler could be a good choice for you. Rottweilers love to play and are always ready for outdoor activities. No matter what time they are always ready to accompany you. Many people misunderstood them as slow and lethargic due to their stocky and muscular body structure. You will be surprised to know that a Rottweiler can run up to the speed of 25MPH.

You should note that if you don’t like or don’t have enough time to exercise regularly then you should avoid getting a Rottie. As Rottweilers need to be trained and exercised regularly in order to stay fit and healthy. Also, their exercise requirements are quite high and it is not that easy to make them tired. A healthy adult Rottweiler needs to be exercised from 1 to 2 hours a day.

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2. Rottweilers are great guards

Rottweilers are considered one of the best guard dog breeds in the world. Throughout their history, Rotties were used for protection whether it’s butcher’s money or farmer’s livestock.  Today also they are considered brilliant in guarding no matter its property or family.

Usually, they don’t need any specific training to make them protective or defensive, they are naturally territorial and alert by birth. Some of them may become aggressive towards strangers and other dogs due to their territorial and possessive behavior. Proper socialization from an early age can avoid such aggression.

It might be a bad idea for an intruder to break into the house with Rottie as most of them don’t hesitate to attack if someone tries to enter their territory.

1. Rottweilers are very smart

Besides their guarding skills and strength Rottweilers are quite intelligent. Even they are counted among the most intelligent guard dog breeds in the world. Due to their long past of working with humans, they become good at understanding human emotions. Also, they can learn new things easily as they have the ability to understand commands better than other dogs. It won’t be wrong if we consider them as the combination of strength, agility, and smartness.


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