Why German Shepherd is the best dog

Top 10 Reasons Why German Shepherds Are The Best Dog 

Top 10 Reasons Why German Shepherds Are The Best Dog

Why German Shepherd is the best dog
Why German Shepherd is the best dog

Top 10 Reasons Why German Shepherds Are The Best Dog: German shepherds are popular as family dogs due to their intelligence and loyalty.

There are many reasons that made the German Shepherd one of the best dog breeds ever. Often used as police and guard dogs in large numbers GSDs are getting popular as a family dog breed too. They are known for their love and devoted behavior for their owner. Here we are discussing Why German Shepherd is the best dog breed.

German shepherds are Protective

One of the main reasons that make German shepherds best is their protective behavior towards family. Counted among the best guard dog breeds, GSDs are known for their defensive and territorial behavior. No matter day or night they are always watchful and alert to shield their loved ones.

German shepherds are strongly built and have an excellent bite force of 238 PSI so It would be a serious mistake for an intruder to break into a house with a German shepherd’s security!

Usually, GSDs don’t need any special training to become defensive, they are naturally protective by birth. Due to their territorial behavior, they are also known for adapting aggression due especially towards outsiders. However, if a German shepherd is properly socialized and trained from initial days such behavioral problems could be easily avoided.

They are quite sharp!

GSDs are an excellent combination of strength and smartness. Many people don’t know that the German shepherd is considered the third most intelligent dog breed in the world!

German shepherds are highly trainable as it doesn’t take much effort to train and teach them new commands or perform new tricks. Also, they are quite good when it comes to understanding human emotions.  This multitalented dog breed is also used as military, service, police, search & rescue, guard, and sniffer dogs in large numbers.

German Shepherds are always playful

Are you a fitness freak and need a workout buddy? How about a dog!

Yes, a German shepherd could be a really great workout companion for exercise freaks. Just like other herding dog breeds GSDs too are known for their frisky behavior, they are both powerful and agile. No matter day or night, they are always ready to play. Also, GSDs don’t get tired easily and need to be exercised for around 1 to 2 hours a day.

Playing or exercising with your dog is really an amusing experience. In no time your GSD would be your finest and most loving companion. They can accompany you in many things, you can take them out for a walk, hiking, jogging, bicycling, playing, or while just exploring new tracks.

German shepherd’s attractive appearance

GSDs are gaining are getting popular day by day among dog lovers, one of the main reasons for this is their attractive wolf-like appearance. They are powerfully built and got a long muzzle. Their erect ears give them intimidating looks.

Also, they have got beautiful long-haired and double-layered dense coat that act as a center of attraction. GSDs are seen in a variety of colors and combinations, the most common color combination is red-black and tan-black. They are also seen in white, black, and silver color.

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German Shepherds are Gentle giants

They may look intimidating but in reality, they are quite affectionate and caring. GSDs are known for their fondness for their owner and family.

Some of them are known for becoming a little clingy and doing weird activities for gaining attention. GSDs always want the attention of their loved ones and sometimes they can become attention seekers.

Also, German shepherds are quite social by nature, they always want to be among the family members and hates to be alone.

Some of them may become little rough towards strangers but if properly socialized they can become really friendly. They can also become good with children and other pets in the family if properly socialized with them. However, they are not good for too small children as small kids don’t know how to behave or act with animals.

German shepherds are Extremely Loyal

German shepherds are considered as one of the most loyal dog breeds out there. Their affection for their loved ones makes them more faithful towards them. A German shepherd has a special bond with his owner and he can do anything to please his owner.   In an emergency situation, a German Shepherd would never step back and protect his owner and family without caring for his life.

They are Entertaining

One of the best things about getting a German shepherd is that he will never let you get bored. German shepherds are absolute moody and drama queens. They are like a fireball, totally energetic and unpredictable. GSDs are known for doing crazy kinds of stuff to gain the attention of their owners. They may get clingy, break objects, bark and jumps unnecessarily, whine, hug you or chew your cloth to gain your attention and entertain you. No doubt getting a GSD would completely change your life.

German shepherds are tough

German shepherds are regarded as a strong dog breed. They are powerfully built and are gifted with intimidating looks and strong bite force.  Not only physically these dogs are also known for their courage and confidence.  Also, they are quite better in comparison to other dog breeds when it comes to adapting to different climatic conditions.

GSDs are Obedient

German shepherd is regarded as a highly trainable and obedient dog breed. Due to their intelligence and obedient behavior they are quite easy to train. Learning new tricks and performing well in obedience training is a piece of cake for them. Also in comparison to other dog breeds, it doesn’t take much effort in teaching them new commands.

Ideal as a family pet

German shepherds are considered one of the best choices for a family dog. They have all the qualities required for a perfect family pet. They are loyal, affectionate, intelligent, playful, and protective.

Some people think that GSDs are aggressive and are not much safe for families. This is true to some extent as they can be a little aggressive if they are not trained well. But if they are socialized and trained properly from an early age then they can be really nice, even with the kids.

German shepherds are of social nature which means they love to be among the members and considered it as their own part. Also, they are known for making a special emotional bond with their owner as they are good at understanding human emotions.


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