Top 10 Interesting ways to Exercise your Rottweiler

Top 10 Interesting ways to Exercise your Rottweiler

Top 10 Interesting ways to Exercise your Rottweiler

Top 10 Interesting ways to Exercise your Rottweiler: Rottweilers need a regular workout to be fit and muscular, here are the best exercises.

Many owners want their Rottweiler dog to become fit, healthy, and build muscles. but they don’t know how to exercise or train their rottweiler. many of us don’t know how much is their exercise requirement and need. They think that daily walks are enough, but for a dog breed like Rottweiler, it is not enough. Rottweiler is an energetic dog breed for which 10 to 15 minutes of walking or workouts are not enough.  You need to exercise them properly according to their lifestyle and health. Here we will discuss the top 10 fun and interesting ways to exercise a Rottweiler.

How much exercise do Rottweilers need?

How much Exercise do Rottweilers need?
How much Exercise do Rottweilers need?

If we look through the history of Rottweiler dog we would know that Rotties were used for pulling carts of butchers and protecting their money. They were also used for herding and guarding livestock. Presently they are being used as guards and family dogs. Through their past they developed agility and strength, their body becomes more muscular. It means Rottweiler is not an ordinary family dog breed that easily gets tired.

However, we can’t say about the workout or exercise requirement of Rottweiler without looking at his present lifestyle, age, and health condition. According to us a healthy adult can train or exercise around 1:30 to 2 hours a day.

How to make your Rottweiler exercise?

You can’t train or exercise a lazy Rottweiler for more than 1 hour on his first day of exercise. Before start exercising your Rottweiler you should know how to start and make him exercise. Also, you should notice whether the temperature is not too hot, otherwise, your dog could also get heatstroke.

Usually, dogs easily get bored while training and it gets really hard to exercise such dog. First of all, you should try to make workout sessions short so that he doesn’t get exhausted and bored. You can exercise your Rottweiler by giving him a treat if he easily gets distracted and bored. You can use a small portion of your dog’s favorite food (dog biscuit) as a reward.

Make sure you are not training your dog too hard from the first day only and know the limits of your dog. If your dog is obese or he has been inactive for many days then it will take time to make him fit again. Also train him according to his age, young and old dogs need less workout in comparison to adults.

Also, know the limits of your Rottweiler. Rotties don’t get tired easily but like other dogs they also get tired. So it is important that you allow your dog to rest properly.

Rottweilers are prone to heatstroke, so avoid training under the sun during hot summer days. Try to select the cold part of the day like early mornings and evenings.  Also, provide plenty of fresh water to your dog.

Diet is also an essential factor that determines the health of a Rottweiler, so it is important that you feed him a completely balanced diet. You can consult your vet for preparing a perfect diet according to your dog‘s lifestyle. In the end, be consistent and patient. Many of them are naturally athletic and agile but for some, it may take time.

Top 10 fun and interesting ways How to exercise your Rottweiler


Fetching is one of the most amazing ways of exercising your dog which both of you can enjoy. In fetch, the owner throws an object to a distance so that the dog can bring it back to him. You can use objects like Frisbee, ball, stick, or a toy for throwing.  Fetching includes movements like running, jumping, and catching (jaw movements).

It is a game that dogs usually enjoy but making it interesting for the dog for long period could be a challenge. The main objective of the owner is to make it interesting and make sure the dog doesn’t get distracted.

Another challenge that most Rottweiler owners face is their Rottweiler doesn’t bring the object back. You have to teach them that it is good to bring back things to you, you can use treats for the same.

Long walks

How far should you walk a Rottweiler?
How far should you walk a Rottweiler?

Dog walking is the most simple and easiest way to exercise your dog regularly. Walking benefits muscles, cardiovascular system and improves BP. Also, it is an important part of socializing a dog.

Almost all dog owners take their dogs out for walking at least two times a day, but most of them ignore the distance. You need to increase distance according to the limit of your Rottweiler.

If your dog hardly does any physical workout then you should start with short distances or around 15 minutes of continuous walk.  Then start increasing the distance on weekly basis, you can use light weights like putting a water bottle in your dog bag pack as the resistance.

Flirt pole

A flirt pole is one of the best ways of exercising a Rottweiler in a fun way. A flirt pole is equipment that is made for burning the extra energy of the dog.  It is basically a wooden stick with a medium to a long sized rope attached to its end with an attractive object at its tip. Make sure the rope is strong enough that it doesn’t break; some dogs may swallow the toy on breaking.  You can use any object that your dog likes such as a squishy toy or a piece of cloth etc.

In this game, the owner swings and moves the object in a circular manner around him. Your objective is to make your dog more tired by insisting him to jump and run to chase the lure (object). Change the direction and increase the speed whenever your dog is about to catch it. Once your dog has chased it you can start playing tug of war.

Avoid using hands for releasing the object from the jaw of your Rottweiler because while playing your dog could get a little aggressive. Try to use leave commands by giving them a treat for releasing the lure and train them to get less aggressive during playing.

A flirt pole is a fun way to exercise your dog. It stimulates and satisfies the prey drive of the dog. It is a great way to make your dog tired. This exercise benefits the jaws and muscles of the dog. It makes them more athletic and benefits mentally like improving decision-making ability. Dogs with gums, teeth, and jaw-related issues should be avoided playing flirt pole.

Tug of war

Rottweilers love to play this game, tug of war is a great way of physically training your Rottie. . Rottweilers have a very strong bite force of 328 PSI and this game is one of the best ways to train their jaws and making them confident. However, we suggest you avoid this game if your dog has teeth or gum problems. You can use a large toy or a rope; make sure the toy is strong enough.

Before starting the game you should teach your dog to release the object on verbal command. You can use a treat for that. The main objective of the owner is not to pull or leave it in one moment instead hold it and let your dog make the efforts. Don’t use much strength as it could cause mouth injury.

Another thing that you have to notice is to ensure safety. Little growling is normal while playing but if you notice that your Rottweiler is getting aggressive and much serious, take a break and use verbal commands to calm him down.

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a fun and interesting way of training your dog mentally. It is good for Rottweilers as it improves concentration, makes them calm, and improves their sense of smell.

In this game, you need to hide your dog’s favorite eatables or treats. You can hide them anywhere in a room by keeping your dog in another room. Once you have hidden all the treats, get your Rottweiler in the room and command him to find them.

If they find difficulty in finding them you can also give them indications as hints. And if they found it too easily make it hard for the next time. Once they have found you can give them a little more treat as a reward. A treasure hunt is a great way of building the confidence of the dog.

Playing with other dogs

Top 10 Interesting ways to Exercise your Rottweiler
Top 10 Interesting ways to Exercise your Rottweiler

If your Rottweiler is good with other dogs then this method could be best for you. A dog can exercise himself very well by playing naturally with other dogs. You don’t have to participate in this, just take them to their dog best friend.

You can take them to a dog park and could arrange a play partner for your dog. If you have two dogs then you are lucky. By playing with other dogs your Rottweiler could exercise himself greatly.

Obstacle and agility training

Obstacle training or agility training could be a good workout for your Rottweiler. It helps in mental stimulation and makes a dog more obedient & athletic. You can do this both indoors and outdoors as well, but be a little careful while training inside. We suggest you choose a little large area for your Rottie.

The main challenge for the owner is to catch the attention and make it interesting for the dog. Always use treats for teaching or training your dog. You have to be a little more patient and consistent in obstacle training. Some dogs learn tricks easily but some take time.

Use your creativity to make simple obstacles for your dog (like barriers and tunnels) and use your trainer’s skill to teach him how to pass this obstacle. You have to teach him first how to overcome the obstacle he won’t do it on his own, using treats for training is good.

Spring pole

Spring pole could be an alternative to the tug of war; this activity would help in strengthening the jaws and other muscles of your dog. You can make a spring pole in the backyard or at other open space, usually, people make it on trees. Train your dog to catch and leave it on verbal command.

Spring pole has a bad reputation for causing injury in dogs however if they are made properly it can be safe. Make sure when your dog will swing on it, he doesn’t get bump into other objects. It would be safer if the back legs of your dog could reach the ground while catching the object, also don’t make the grip too close to the ground otherwise he could get dragged while swinging.  We suggest that you be present when your dog uses it so as to avoid injuries.


Jogging is another good exercise for grown-up Rottweilers. It is a very effective exercise that can improve the endurance of the dog.  You can take your Rottweiler out for jogging to short distances and increase it according to their capacity. Make sure to provide him fresh water and rest whenever he starts panting.  Don’t force your dog to continuously jog and keep their jogging speed slow.

You can use a treadmill for jogging indoors but don’t force them to jog for too long and consistently, stop the treadmill when they start resisting. We don’t suggest it for dogs with bone and joint issues.  Also, avoid jogging on hot summer days.

Chew toys

Chew toys are a great way of exercising the jaw and ensuring the dental health of the dog. Also, it helps dogs to release stress and keep them busy.  But you should be a little careful while choosing the toy for your dog.

It should be of large size and be a little durable so that your dog won’t eat or swallow it. A durability check is necessary if you are buying chew toys for dogs like Rottweiler with high bite force. Avoid flavor-coated toys it can affect their digestion. Cleaning and washing of the toys are also necessary, so you should clean them regularly.

Is exercise necessary for Rottweilers?

Exercising is very important and necessary for dogs especially for breeds like Rottweilers to ensure their overall health. Daily exercising benefits a dog in many ways, both physically and mentally. It also avoids many health problems like obesity and joints issues. It improves their cardiovascular and digestive system.

As Rottweilers are infamous for behavioral issues, a daily workout is very beneficial for them. Taking your dog out for a workout is a part of his socialization process. It makes the dog more confident, friendly, agile, and less aggressive. Workout or Exercising also helps in avoiding anxiety and releasing stress.

Last but not least it keeps them entertained and makes them happy. Exercising and playing with dogs would also improve the health of the owner as well.


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