Top 10 Tips For New Rottweiler Owners That You Should Know

Tips For New Rottweiler Owners That You Should Know

Tips For New Rottweiler Owners That You Should Know


Tips For New Rottweiler Owners That You Should Know: Important Tips for first-time owners as training and owning a Rottweiler can be tough.

Owning and Living with a Rottweiler is a great experience but it doesn’t mean that they are perfect for new or first-time dog owners. However if you have little experience about owning a dog then it won’t be much difficult. if a person doesn’t have much experience in training an energetic dog like Rottweiler it is better to take help from a dog trainer. Here are some tips, information, and advice that the new Rottweiler owners should know.

Know about your Rottweiler’s temperament

Rottweilers are known for their enormous strength, high energy levels, powerful body, and intimidating looks. Often misunderstood as just as aggressive dogs, Rottweilers are quite affectionate towards their family. Rotties are considered as a best guard dog breed, they naturally protective and alert by birth. Also, they are known for their loyalty to their owner, a Rottweiler would never step back when it comes to protecting his family.

Most of us don’t know that Rotties are very intelligent and are quick learners. Training them is not a difficult task if it is started from an early age. They can easily learn new tricks and can become quite obedient if trained well.

Some of them could become a little aggressive towards strangers and other dogs, But if Rotties are trained and socialized properly they can be quite calm and caring. However, still, they are not good for children and new owners.

In simple words, Rottweilers are of loyal, affectionate, confident, and playful temperament.

Socialization is must

One of the most common reasons for behavioral problems in Rottweilers is improper socialization. Aggression towards strangers and other dogs is commonly observed in them and poor socialization is the main reason for it. An owner should start socializing their puppy from an early age, of course after the puppy is fully vaccinated. It is an important step in making your dog calm and friendly. Once the dog is fully grown up it gets very difficult and dangerous to socialize him.

Take them to vet for regular health checkup

Not only Rottweilers, but all dogs are also prone to some health issues. Rottweilers are also prone to some health problems but it doesn’t mean that this dog breed is unhealthy. Some health issues are rare whereas some are common. Health issues that are quite commonly observed in Rottweilers are Heatstroke, Bloat, Aortic stenosis, Epilepsy, OCD, Entropion, and Ectropion.

Some of them can be really serious and deadly. So it is important that you should consult your Vet monthly for health checkups and maintain a healthy lifestyle for your Rottweiler. Also, it is important to avoid unhealthy habits like overfeeding.  Remember prevention is always better than cure.

Avoid Physical punishment                      

On whatever mistake you should avoid punishing your dog physically. Physical punishment can badly affect your Rottweiler’s mind and behavior. It may develop behavioral issues like Fear aggression, nipping, and Submissive urination. Such dogs can be more aggressive and may start biting in defense.

Hurting them is not the only way to make them realize their mistake. Other ways like yelling or scolding and gently tapping your dog with a newspaper roll will also work, So an owner should use other ways of punishing your dog rather than physical punishments.

Can develop Aggression dominance

It is a well-known fact that Rottweilers are ill-famed for their aggressive behavior. Usually, the behavior of the dog depends upon how the dog is raised. But as Rottweilers are little territorial and defensive by birth they can easily adopt aggressive behavior. If not socialized properly you may observe them being over defensive towards strangers, also they may start showing dominance towards other pets.

It is important for a Rottweiler owner to know that Rottweilers needs to be socialized and trained consistently from an early age. As some grown-up Rottweilers are also known for adopting stubborn behavior so it gets quite difficult to train a grown-up Rottie for new owners.

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Exercise them daily

Rottweiler may look stocky and bulky but most of us don’t know that they are very much agile. For this much powerful and large dog breed, daily exercise is necessary. Their energy level is high and you need to train them regularly to utilize that. A Rottweiler can be trained around 1: 30 hours a day.

Daily exercise is not only important for ensuring their health but it is also important to make them calm and disciplined. Sometimes over-aggressive behavior is also caused by a lack of activity.

No matter what time they are ready to accompany you. Playing with your dog could be an excellent way of workout for both the dog and owner as well. They are always playful and happy, a person would surely enjoy their company. if you love to exercise or play outdoors then a Rottweiler can be a great companion to you.

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Should be consistently trained in order to get disciplined

Rottweiler is an intelligent dog breed that can learn new things and commands easily. They are quite good when it comes to understanding human emotions. But we all know that they are notorious for their aggressive behavior, there can be many reasons behind it. We all want our dogs to be calm and friendly.

In order to make a Rottweiler obedient and disciplined, it needs consistent training and socializing from an early age. A grown-up Rottweiler can adopt stubborn behavior easily and it gets really difficult to train a stubborn dog. You can also take help from a good dog trainer.

Shedding control

Almost all dog breeds lose their old fur or hair, usually to keep their bodies light and cool. Rottweilers have a beautiful double coat of medium length. Most people don’t know that Rottweilers are known for shedding. They shed moderately throughout the year and shed heavily during the spring and fall season.

No one wants their dog’s hair scattered all over the house, there are few ways that you can follow to control it. However, shedding is a natural process you can’t stop it.

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Rottweilers are not much Vocal

Unlike other dog breeds like German Shepherd and Siberian Husky, Rottweilers are not much vocal. Many new Rottweiler owners often get confused why their Rottweiler isn’t barking much but they didn’t know about this fact. Usually, they growl or grumble instead of barking. You would hardly observe a Rottweiler barking for no reason most of them only bark when it is necessary. Generally Rotties bark on strangers and other dogs due to increased aggression and territorial behavior.

Avoid leaving them alone for a long time

Another important thing that you have to take care of is to avoid leaving them alone at home for long hours.

Some dog owners use to leave their dogs alone at home when they go out for work. Rottweilers are quite social and love to be with owner and family. In other words, they hate to be alone.

Leaving them alone for a long time can cause behavioral issues like Separation anxiety. They may start feeling lonely and do weird things to gain attention like chewing objects, growling unnecessarily, and whining.  Unlike some other dog breeds, they are not comfortable being alone.


These were the tips and advice for new Rottweiler owners however we still don’t recommend Rottweiler for first-time dog owners.

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