Do Rottweilers shed a lot

Shedding in Rottweilers | Do They Shed Excessively

Shedding in Rottweilers | Do They Shed Excessively

Do Rottweilers shed a lot
Do Rottweilers shed a lot

Shedding in Rottweilers | Do They Shed Excessively: Rottweilers shed their coat mostly in the spring season. grooming is needed to control.

Rottweilers are famous for their aggressive temperament and other behavior problems however this can be controlled or avoided by proper training and can be a good Pet that they can live with us with our family. There are many pros and cons of Rottweilers and Rotties had many health issues that are important to know before buying or adopting a Rottweiler puppy. Rottweiler dog breed is also famous for its beautiful double coat consisting of Topcoat and Undercoat. It can be observed that Topcoat is not soft and it is rougher whereas Undercoat is softer. Many dog lovers are attracted by their beautiful and Unique pattern of Black and tan color although Rotties’ coat is beautiful it doesn’t need much care and grooming or it is easy to groom or care for a Rottweiler.

Many people are concerned about a problem their Rottweiler losing hair suddenly but this is normal this process is called shedding but the question is do all Rottweilers shed? the answer is yes all rottweilers shed, it depends upon many factors like weather or season Rottweilers shed in Spring and also shed a little in winter, breed, diet, and many more and Rottweiler shed a lot daily grooming or regular brushing is the solution. Most of the owners or breeders already knew that what is shedding but they too get concerned about why their Rottweiler shedding excessively maybe they are not aware of rottweiler shedding level they often ask such questions like how to stop or minimize shedding of rottweiler or management of shedding, can we use Furminator on Rottweiler to control shedding or what is the best brush for rottweiler to control shedding. We will discuss shedding and its solutions or how to control excessive shedding.

What is Dog shedding?

Shedding is the process in which a dog loses his old hair and sometimes a dog sheds to keep their body temperature low during hot days of summer.

Factors on which shedding of Rottweilers depends-

shedding depends upon various different factors like:

Diet or Nutrition-

A poor diet can cause Unpredictable shedding, deficiency of nutrition in the diet of Rottweilers can be the reason of Unnatural hair loss.

Breed of dog-

Shedding depends upon the breed of dog, You may have monitored some breeds of dogs shed more than another dog breed for example Rottweilers shed heavily compared to Labradors.

Temperature and Weather-

Shedding of Rottweilers mainly depends upon weather and temperature, Rottweilers shed more in summers to keep their body temperature low.

Living Conditions or Lifestyle-

Shedding of Rottweilers also depends upon the Lifestyle of your Rottweiler, a dog to which frequent baths are given will shed more compared to other dogs.


Shedding will also depend on the Age of your Rottweiler, for example, You will not Observe a Rottweiler Puppy shedding frequently compared to an Adult Rottweiler.

When and how much Rottweilers Shed?

Rottweiler shedding season
Rottweiler shedding season

Rottweilers shed heavily in Summers, Autumn, and Spring season, and throughout the whole year, they shed normally or moderately.

Rottweilers have a dense and coarse coat with short hair although they have short hair the amount of losing hair in rottweilers is very much. So the shedding rate of Rottweilers is high so they need regular grooming and daily brushing.

How to Reduce Shedding in Rottweilers?

By Feeding your Rottweiler nutritious diet

Diet is an essential factor that affects the shedding of Rottweiler. You should give your Rottweiler a High-quality diet that is nutritionally rich in protein and other essential factors. It is not mandatory that you should feed your rottweiler tons of vitamin supplements and you should always avoid these types of supplements because they can harm your dog’s health. You can also feed your Rottweiler cod liver oil or fish oil to control excessive shedding.

Give your dog plenty of Freshwater don’t let him dehydrated because deficiency of water can also be the reason for the high amount of shedding.

Note that these changes in diet will not stop shedding because it is a natural process by which dogs shed their dead or old hair however it can cause an excessive amount of shedding to a moderate amount.

By proper Grooming of Rottweiler’s coat

You can reduce or control the grooming of your Rottweiler by proper Grooming.

Daily Brushing of Rottweiler:

By regular brushing, you can control shedding. When you brush your rottweiler brushing removes extra old and dead hairs from its fur.

Best brush for Rottweiler?

According to their dense coat and short hairs, a rubber curry brush should be best for brushing your rottweiler.

Can we use Deshedding tools or Furminator on rottweilers?

Yes, you can use Deshedding tools on Rottweilers. You can also use a Furminator Comb or Brush on Rottweilers to remove extra old hairs.

Giving your Rottweiler regular baths:

Bathing can also help in minimizing shedding, Regular bathing helps in losing hairs from your dog’s body and bathing also helps in getting rid of fleas. An owner should always select a dog shampoo that suits his Rottweiler most and which is good for both coats as well as the dog’s skin.

how often should your rottweiler be bath?

But over bathing is also harmful to your rottweiler’s skin and coat because it can cause loss of essential natural oil from your dog’s hair and can cause dry skin, so you should give him a bath about once a month.

If you observe that your Rottweiler is shedding too much than other Rottweilers then you should take your dog to Vet.

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Some possible reasons for abnormal or too much shedding of Rottweiler-

  • A sudden change in a dog’s surroundings or Environment can cause too much shedding.
  • Hormonal changes in a dog can also be the reason.
  • Food allergy and bacterial or fungal infections can be the cause of excessive shedding
  • sometimes too much shedding also occurs in Pregnancy.
  • sometimes dog sheds heavily when they get affected by Immune diseases so an owner should always monitor the eating habit of his dog.
  • Fleas or lice can be the reason for excessive shedding of the dog because itching caused by them makes the dog scratch and bite itself.
  • In a few cases, Cancer is also found to be the reason for Excessive shedding in dogs.



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