temperament of Rottweiler

Rottweiler Temperament and Behavioral Problems

Rottweiler Temperament and Behavioral Problems

temperament of Rottweiler
Temperament of Rottweiler

Rottweiler Temperament and Behavioral Problems: Known for their loyal and devoted personality, Rottweilers are also considered aggressive.

Rottweilers are becoming very popular not only for the reason that they are one of the dangerous dogs in the world but also due to the fact that they are very loving, playful, and caring gentle dog who loves their family very much. Rottweiler is often misunderstood as a stubborn and aggressive dog that only knows to attack people but they are quite affectionate and loyal.

Rottweiler may be a perfect dog for you as they are a great combination of both Intelligence and strength, yes they are one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. Unfortunately, people only know them because of their aggressiveness, strength, and size.

Past of Rottweiler breed                                               

The name Rottweiler comes from the town named ‘Rottweil’ located in the southern part of Germany hence their main origin is Germany, these dogs were used by traveling butchers and due to this, they are also called butcher’s dog. Rottweiler is a working type dog and is from a mastiff family, the Rottweiler is one of the oldest herding and guard dog breeds, earlier they were used for the herding of cattle and protecting farmers’ livestock.

A hard time had also arrived for this breed when this beautiful breed is at the risk of extinction but people discovered their quality and they are used as Police and Guard dogs because of their excellent guarding ability and intelligence.

These working dogs were used for pulling carts, guarding stocks, and often protecting the money that butchers tie them to their neck so they can be kept safe.

Later in the 90s Rottweiler becomes very popular as people recognized their qualities and later it is recognized by AKC in 1931.

Here we will discuss the Personality and behavior of Rottweiler:

Calm and obedient (if trained well)

You will be surprised to know that Rottweiler is also very calm and obedient. Rottweiler comes under the working category. In its past also Rottweilers performed very well working with farmers or butchers for such a long time. Through this time Rottweiler’s well-appreciated qualities were their obedience and intelligence. A Rottweiler can understand and follow your orders very well.

Rottweiler is a calm and obedient dog breed that makes a Rottweiler-

  • Easy to train: It is true that Rottweiler is easy to train but still we would not suggest Rottweiler for the first-time owner because despite being easy to train, you first have to learn how to control its energy level.
  • Affectionate and safe to children: a well-trained Rottweiler no doubt can become very calm and affectionate but children should also be taught how to behave with Dogs.

Rottweilers are playful and hate to be alone

Rottweiler’s energy level is very high and they usually are very playful, they love to play with his family members. A Rottie will always love to go out for a walk with you anytime and can be a good companion to you on your adventures.

If you want a dog that can look after your home when you go out to work and protect your home when nobody will be there then Rottweiler is not for you!

Why? Because no doubt Rottweiler will protect your home from thieves and strangers but he will get really bored of being alone there because they always want somebody of their family to be with them. So Rottweiler is a family dog that will hate to be alone and far from his family members.

Loyal, Fearless, and an alert Guard dog

A Rottweiler can become very loyal to its family members and never step back in an emergency situation to protect them.

Rottweilers are one of the best guard dogs in the world, they are naturally alert and defensive. They don’t need much training to learn guarding.

No doubt Rottweilers are courageous and fearless whenever a Rottweiler feels that his family members are in danger he will never step back. A Rottie will never hesitate to protect his family, without thinking twice he can make a deadly attack on an intruder. This states that they are excellent guard dogs but be aware they can also attack a stranger if they feel insecure from him or her. Their attack can also harm someone seriously as they have great bite force.

Aggressive and can be dangerous (if not trained properly)

You may get confused that if Rottweilers are calm then how they can become aggressive? If not trained or socialized properly then a Rottweiler can become really dangerous and become very aggressive even towards its family members. No doubt an untrained Rottweiler is dangerous and a Rottweiler can easily injure someone seriously.

Some Rottweilers are naturally aggressive to other pets or dogs of the same sex. Aggression towards strangers or outsiders is also observed among Rotties.  It is usually due to their over defensive and territorial behavior.

Aggression also depends upon the sex of Rottweiler-

Male Rottweilers are usually more aggressive and this makes them more dangerous than female Rottweiler. However many females due to their maternal instinct often become more protective than males. Females are easily trainable than male ones. Males are larger and powerful than females.

Tips to prevent aggression and behavior problems in Rottweilers

  • Socialization and training from an early age– Rottweiler’s socialization and training is the most important factor in making the dog calm and friendly, it is important that training is given from an early age because when a dog grew up his temporary habits become permanent and these qualities of his behavior become difficult to leave. You can take your dog outside for a walk where he can socialize with people and can meet other dogs and this can cause a great change in his behavior.
  • Daily exercise– it is another important factor in making a dog gentle, it not only improves his behavior but also makes him fit, so you should notice that daily exercise is an essential part of Rottweiler’s daily routine.
  • Avoid physical punishment– you often heard that Rottweilers attacks their owner but it only happens when a Rottweiler is not raised properly, physical punishment and such other activities like this make Rottweiler really depressed and this makes him even more dangerous and it may happen next time the dog will try to bite his owner whenever his owner tries to beat him.
  • Don’t chain or cage them if possible this makes them more dangerous and unsocial. Always try to keep your dog within the family (that’s what a pet means as a part of a family).

Love to explore and go outside

Rottweilers love to go out and explore new ways, you will observe when you go out for a walk with Rottweiler he will pull leashes or try to go towards a new way and this makes them more interesting and asserts his confident behavior. It is fun to go for a walk with them.

Tips for Rottweiler Owners-

Tips for Rottweiler owners
Tips for Rottweiler owners
  • It is advised that if you are a new owner then Rottweiler is not so great choice because Rottweilers are difficult to train if they become aggressive in such situations they became dangerous for everybody, so if you are owning a dog for the first time try to adopt another breed.
  • Avoid physical punishment: as mentioned earlier physical means of punishment makes the dog more aggressive so always try to avoid that.
  • Never train your Rottweiler by showing stick: any dog should not be trained by showing him stick it is not good that your Rottweiler will follow your commands only because of fear of that stick. It will be great if you will train him by giving him a small number of treats such as biscuits as a reward for following your command.
  • Rottweiler’s are very energetic so try to go for walk with them at least twice a day and daily exercise of Rottweiler is good for their health so if possible you should exercise your Rottweiler daily.
  • Love your Rottweiler and give him proper care and training and he will surely act as a good pet. A Rottweiler will be affectionate to his family and other pets also if he will be socialized from an early age and raised with proper care. All of his behavior depends upon training and care which he gets from his initial days which means from an early age because after that age your Rottweiler will become stubborn, then those habits and behavior last long and becomes very difficult to leave.


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