Rottweiler dog breed information

Rottweiler Dog Breed Temperament, History, Facts and Information

Rottweiler Dog Breed Temperament, History, Facts and Information

Rottweiler dog breed information
Information of Rottweiler dog breed

Rottweiler Dog Breed Temperament, History, Facts and Information: Complete guide about Rottweiler including health, grooming, diet, behavior.

If you ever thought about the most dangerous or aggressive dog breed the first image that will come to your mind would surely be of Rottweiler. Today we will discuss this powerful dog breed Rottweiler in detail. Rottweiler is a large, powerful, active, and muscular breed of dog. Rottweiler comes in the category of the working group. Rather than being aggressive, they are also popular for their intelligence. Rottweilers are widely used as police dogs, guard dogs and were also used as cattle herders and guarding livestock by farmers.

They are of two types German Rottweilers and American Rottweilers, German Rottweilers are a little bigger in size than American ones but their main origin is Germany. They are also known as “Rottie” and butcher’s dogs.

Size of Rottweilers

Rottweilers are medium to large in size and their size and weight depends upon the sex of the dog.


Female – 36-48 kg

Male –   50-60 kg


Female – 57-64 cm

Male – 61-70 cm


Rottweiler has a Large and tough body. Their  Muscular body structure looks very powerful and energetic. They have triangular ears, black lips, a broad head, and a wide black nose which looks cute on them. Their Big and broadhead suit and looks great on their body structure.

Coat and color

Rottweiler has a unique double coat for which they are famous and acts as an additional factor to their Sturdy look. Their coat is a shiny coat that adds beauty to their uniquely patterned coat and looks very handsome on them. It is of Medium length which means their beautiful coat didn’t require much care and grooming.

Their attractive coat has two different colors black and tan which suit them perfectly with a beautiful pattern of marking of rust on the chest, paws as well as on eyebrows and remaining of black color. Their hairs are of medium length which sheds a lot which depends on different weather.

History of Rottweiler

The origin of this breed is Germany, if I am not wrong you have at least once in your life thought what is the meaning of the name Rottweiler let me tell you that the name comes from the town named ‘Rottweil’ located in the southern part of Germany hence their name is based upon their origin. Rottweiler acts as a working dog throughout its past. Earlier Rottweilers were used by farmers as cart dogs due to their intensive strength. As cart pullers, they load carts of meat and other heavy goods of farmers. They were used as livestock guards and herder dogs. They had the ability of herding livestock and are greatly used as herder dogs.  In 1931 they were officially recognized by AKC.

They were also used as guards and police dogs and they performed very well in this because of their excellent guarding ability.

Rottweilers Health condition

Due to its intensive energy level Rottweiler needs regular exercise. They need the minimum exercise of two hours in a day to stay healthy and fit Rottweilers should be perfect for those people who love to exercise and workout daily because they can be a good partner for you in your workout to provide your company. If they are not exercised regularly it can cause many health problems which can cause trouble for both dogs as well as the owner.

Rottweilers are most commonly gets affected by hip dysplasia and Elbow dysplasia so you should be careful about their bone and joint-related issues.

Some common health problems in Rottweiler are Panosteitis, Elbow dysplasia, OCD and bloat, and various Eye diseases so we suggest that regular medical checkup is mandatory to prevent your dog from such health problems.

Many of the diseases can be avoided by Vaccination, so you should get your puppy vaccinated and take your dog for regular health checkups. A good diet is also necessary to keep your dog healthy.

Rottweiler behavior and personality

Rottweiler Temperament
Rottweiler Temperament

Most of the People had an ideology about Rottweilers that they are very dangerous and aggressive they are Right as well as Wrong because it depends upon what you trained them to be, they can adapt both good as well as bad habits.

Rottweiler is a courageous and territorial dog breed. Rottweiler can become both aggressive or affectionate, it only depends on the way of training. Poor socialization makes the dog aggressive and good training and socialization can make them calm. Rottweilers are very playful and energetic but they can become lazy if they didn’t exercise and by overeating. It depends on the way you treat them.

Rottweiler is a loyal and intelligent dog breed but due to poor socialization Rottweiler becomes aggressive. They often become dangerous to strangers and other dogs.

Another important thing before owning a Rottweiler is that they love to explore places so it’s common that they will try to go to get outside so an owner should try to get them for a walk at least two times a day.

More about Rottweilers-

Rottweiler as a pet

Rottweilers are very gentle and loyal dogs if they are trained properly. The only thing that you have to take care of is good socialization and training from its initial days and by taking care of these things a Rottweiler will become gentle and peaceful. A Rottweiler can become a great pet or companion.

Training of Rottweiler

Rottweiler training
Rottweiler training

Rottweiler in its past is a good working dog it means that Rottweiler is working with the human race from its initial days  Whether it’s about being a cart dog or cattle herder. So due to its past working experience with humans Rottweiler becomes highly intelligent and obedient. Due to their intelligence Rottweiler can be easily trained and can be kept as an obedient family pet.


Rottweiler has a double coat so they shed heavily in the spring season, they shed so many hairs in a particular season so combing is necessary for these days and during these days you will realize the floor of your house will have hair scattered on it. In the rest of the year, they shed moderately. In summers also daily combing is necessary to remove extra hairs to keep them light and cool.

Rottweiler with other animals

A Rottweiler can be a great companion and learn to live with other dogs or any other pet if they are properly trained. The only thing that needs attention is the proper introduction and socialization from an early age.

Reduced territorial behavior can help in living with another animal. We have often seen Rottweiler living with animals like Cat, Rabbit and many are those animals that other dogs usually consider their prey.

The main thing that needs attention is to socialize your Rottweiler from an early age because after a certain age some habits or aggressiveness that Rottweiler adapt becomes difficult to leave.

Some Rottweiler can be really aggressive with the dogs of same-sex and they will often try to attack them if they are not socialized properly.

Rottweiler with children

In some regions, Rottweiler is considered highly unsafe for children and many people think it is wrong to keep a Rottweiler as a pet in homes with children– but this is totally a myth.

Rottweiler is very loyal to children if they are properly introduced to them in their initial days. I have seen many Rottweilers living with kids as their friends and they often guard and care for them. Being one of the best guard dogs Rottweiler is protective in nature.

If raised and trained properly Rottweiler act as a gentle dog which can be good for children, hence if Rottweilers are trained properly they can be a good companion to children.

Since Rottweilers are strong and large in size their playful nature can also be dangerous so it is suggested not to be over playful with them.

Another thing that needs attention is also teaching children how to behave with animals and how to play with them.

Rottweiler with their owner

Rottweiler is extremely protective of its owner and family members which makes him a great guard dog and they will never step back to protect them in emergency situations because of this fearless habit they appealed many owners to them, So Rottweiler is very loyal to its owner.

Do Rottweilers attack their owners?

Yes, there are some cases that Rottweiler had attacked their owner but in all the cases situations are not good in which any dog can attack its owner. They can attack if they are abused or terrified too much in such a situation they develop stress and mental illness which caused them to do such activities.

But if they are raised and trained with proper care they become very loyal to their owner.

Physical punishment is always bad which causes the dog to turn violent against his owner as well, not only Rottweiler any dog can turn violent in such situations. If they are raised with love and care they will never attack their owner.

Are Rottweilers territorial?

Yes, Rottweiler is territorial but this is not a good habit this causes him to be aggressive with others. This habit can be removed only by an early age because when a Rottweiler is grown up these habit becomes permanent.

This type of behavior makes a Rottweiler more dangerous because of this attitude they can be dangerous to strangers to which they feel unsafe. This territorial behavior can be reduced by socializing a Rottweiler from an early age.

Rottweiler as a guard dog

Rottweiler is an excellent guard dog that is very protective of its family and owner. They are naturally protective towards their family which makes them one of the best guard dogs in the world. A Rottweiler will always protect its Family in any situation.

This Guarding ability of Rottweiler makes them famous as Police and Guard dogs.

Is it important to tie a Rottweiler or cage them?

This myth can make your Rottweiler really dangerous. We suggest not tying or caging them if not necessary because this can make your dog really bad.

Many people think this will help their dog from not running away actually these things make a dog really dangerous. A dog becomes more dangerous and aggressive to strangers as well as a family members.

Rottweiler as a family dog

Rotties can be great family dogs if they are raised with care and love because they have all the abilities which make them good family pets. They love to be with their family member and they hate to be alone they always wanted to be with their family members and play with them. Rottweilers can be great with children and other family pets if they are raised with proper care.

How many hours does a Rottweiler sleep?

A grown-up Rottweiler spends 12 to 15 hours sleeping whereas a puppy spends 20 hours of sleep because in their initial days they spend most of their time exploring their surroundings and learning.

In their old age, they require little more sleeping hours than normal.

Is Rottweiler really dangerous?

Yes, the Rottweiler dog breed is no doubt dangerous it’s not only of their big body structure but also of their very strong bite force which can easily kill a human; they have the bite force of 328. PSI and they have a strong and muscular body that is stronger than you ever think of.

Rottweilers are also dangerous because of their easily adaptable habit towards aggressiveness. So they need proper training from their initial days.

Exercising of Rottweiler

Rottweilers are very playful and energetic dogs so they need proper exercise to be fit and they love to explore outside. An adult Rottweiler needs two hours of proper exercise in a day.

If they did not exercise properly they became lazy and most of them become overweight.

Walking of Rottweiler

A Rottweiler should get to walk at least two times a day once in the morning and once in the evening, I will suggest an hour of a walk during one day would be fine.

It would be excellent if they get an open backyard or park for playing and running for them which will help them in being healthy. It will be awesome if you take out some time for playing with them this will make both Dog as well as owner healthy.

Which one is more aggressive male or female Rottweiler?

their aggression depends upon their sex like humans and  Male Rottweilers are more aggressive and dangerous than female Rottweiler which makes them even more dominant.

Being a mother a female Rottweiler is more protective than males. Females are easily trainable than male ones. As mentioned earlier Males are larger and powerful than females.

Rottweilers are intelligent

Being powerful and dominant Rottweilers are also very intelligent which acts as an additional quality to them and because of being powerful as well as intelligent their popularity is increasing and dog lovers are appealed to by them. They can easily be trained and can learn new tricks easily which makes them Gentle giants.

Are Rottweiler affectionate and loyal?

Rottweilers are famous for their guarding ability. The Rottweilers are very loyal to their owner and family members.

It is heard that some Rottweiler turned on their owners but this doesn’t prove that Rottweilers are not loyal to its owner. Any dog can attack their owner if they are abused.

It is also observed that Rottweiler shows great affection towards his family members. Rottweiler loves to be with their family members and didn’t like to be alone.

Are Rottweilers banned?

Rottweilers are banned in a few countries because of the belief that Rottweilers are dangerous but this breed is not so dangerous if trained and raised properly. Rottweiler is notorious for his behavioral issues which are the result of improper training and socialization. Any dog can become dangerous or aggressive if they are trained to be and any dog can become gentle by proper training.

However, they are not banned in the United States and India so it’s good for people who want to adopt them.

Why is Rottweiler’s tail is docked?

There is no such reason for cutting their tail it’s just because of the looks, docking of the tail is done for so long that it becomes common for the owner to dock their tail. Docking of the tail is done to many breeds like Doberman pinscher, Boxer, Cocker Spaniel, and many more breeds. Tail Docking or cutting is just being done for looks for a long period of time and people are just following it as it becomes a ritual or a symbol.

Docking of tails is not good for the dog; it is painful for the dog and can even lead to some health problems.

Does Rottweiler become lazy and overweight?

Yes, Rottweiler can become lazy and overweight; Rottweilers have the ability of overeating which is not good for health and make them fat. Their diet should be planned according to their activity level. If you have an active Rottweiler dog then you should give him a high-calorie diet and if your dog is not active then you should give him a low-calorie diet. They can also become obese.

To avoid this a healthy diet and proper exercises should be followed to make Rottweiler healthy and fit.


A Rottweiler should mainly consume meat but you can replace meat with other alternatives.

An adult or grown-up Rottweiler should take the composition of-

24% to 26% of Protein.

12% to 16% of Fat.

A puppy should take the composition of-

24% to 28% of Protein.

14% to 18% of Fat.

You can own a Rottweiler if you need a dog which would-

  • Large, tough, Muscular, and heavy.
  • Loyal to its family members.
  • A good guard dog
  • Energetic and can go out to walk and can exercise with you.

You shouldn’t own a Rottweiler if you need a dog which would-

  • Sit in your lap.
  • Be very safe with children.
  • Be small and light and can go out with you everywhere.
  • Not require much exercise and walking.


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