Interesting Bullmastiff Facts

Interesting Bullmastiff Facts That You May Not Know

Interesting Bullmastiff Facts That You May Not Know

Interesting Bullmastiff Facts That You May Not Know: This large-sized dog breed from the United Kingdom is famous for its calm personality.

Though Bullmastiffs are of massive size and have a stocky and powerful appearance, they are considered to be of friendly, intelligent, and calm temperament. Here we will discuss various facts about this amazing dog breed Bullmastiff including their Training, Pictures, Behavior, Health, Care, History, Grooming, and more information.

Size of Bullmastiffs

Bullmastiffs are famous for their massive size and heavy weight. Most people often misunderstood them as too-aggressive dogs due to their size.


Male: 64-68 cm

Female: 60-66 cm


Male: 50-60 Kg

Female: 45-55 Kg

Appearance of Bullmastiffs

Bullmastiffs can easily be identified by their Massive size and Stocky & muscular body. Many people often misunderstood them as aggressive and dangerous due to their intimidating looks. Their head is usually big and wide, their muzzle is always black. They have V-shaped ears. The coat of the Bullmastiff is short and doesn’t need to be frequently groomed.

The large size of Bullmastiffs makes them very popular

large size of Bullmastiff dog
the large size of Bullmastiff dog

Due to their large and heavy body, Bullmastiffs are very popular across the globe. They rank among the top 50 AKC’s most popular dog breeds. But their size is not only the reason for their popularity their characteristics also made them the favorite of many dog lovers. They are famous for their courageous and calm behavior. Their guarding skill also makes them popular.

Health condition of BullMastiffs

Like any other large-size dog breed, Bullmastiffs are prone to some health conditions. Many Bullmastiffs die earlier than their average life span because of some serious health conditions. The most common health issue found in Bullmastiffs are Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia, So their weight and diet should be carefully monitored.

Bullmastiffs can also have health conditions like Obesity because of their habit of overeating. More common health diseases or conditions found in Bullmastiffs are Arthritis, Pulmonic stenosis Gastric torsion, Cystinuria, Hypothyroidism, Entropion, and Lymphoma. The veterinary expense of Bullmastiffs is usually high….read more

The life span of Bullmastiffs

The average life span of a Bullmastiff dog is 8 to 10 years but due to health issues, many of them die earlier. So if you want to own a Bullmastiff dog then you have to be careful about your dog’s health.

Bullmastiffs were bred by English Gamekeepers

The Bullmastiff dog breed was developed in Britain in the mid-19th century. Due to the need for the agile and powerful dog of Gamekeepers because they need a strong dog to catch and grip poachers. They are also known as Gamekeeper’s night dogs.

Bullmastiffs were obtained by crossing two breeds

Bullmastiffs are obtained by crossing two different breeds which are English Mastiffs and an extinct dog breed called Old English Bulldog. This was done in order to get an ideal dog breed according to the needs of Gamekeepers. AKC recognized Bullmastiff as a breed in 1934.

Unique coat of Bullmastiffs

Bullmastiffs should be perfect for people who want a dog that didn’t require frequent Bathing or Grooming. Due to the short coat of Bullmastiffs, they didn’t shed much and need only moderate care of their coat.

The short coat of Bullmastiffs looks very attractive and it comes in three beautiful colors Red, Brindle, and Fawn. Bullmastiffs sheds moderately about once a year.

Bullmastiffs can also adjust in Apartments

Many people believe that Bullmastiff always needs a large house with a backyard but this is not true. Although they are of a big size they didn’t require too much space they can adjust in a medium-sized apartment also.

Bullmastiff is not a very active breed of dogs so they didn’t need a large space to run around the house but you have to take them outside for exercise at least two times a day.

Temperament or Behavior of Bullmastiffs

Many people misunderstood Bullmastiffs as an aggressive and dangerous breed of dog due to their massive size and strength. Bullmastiffs are considered a courageous and alert dog breed which makes them good guard dogs.

Another characteristic of their behavior is that despite of big size and intimidating looks, Bullmastiffs are calm good-natured dogs and can be friendly if they are properly socialized and trained.

Exercising for Bullmastiffs

Like any other large-size dog breed, Bullmastiffs are not too active and didn’t need much exercise but it doesn’t mean that they are lazy. Bullmastiffs need only a moderate amount of exercise and long walks. You can exercise them for about 1 hour a day.

Training and Socialization are necessary for Bullmastiffs

Although Bullmastiffs are of calm temperament it didn’t mean that they cannot become aggressive. Due to the protective behavior of Bullmastiffs, many of them become overprotective which causes them to become aggressive.

In order to avoid aggression in them, Bullmastiffs need to be socialized from an early age and require consistent training.

Bullmastiffs are not good for too small kids

Bullmastiffs are considered to be a calm and well-mannered dogs but still, they are not good for small kids. Because of their large size and heavyweight Bullmastiffs can be dangerous to small kids. They can unintentionally harm them.

If you have small children in your home then Bullmastiff is not the right breed for you and if you still want to own a Bullmastiff with kids in the house then kids should also be taught how to behave with them.

Bullmastiffs are heavy droolers

Many people find drooling cute and many found it unhygienic. Bullmastiffs also drool while drinking water, eating, sleeping, getting excited, and in anticipation of food. They drool because they cannot hold saliva in their mouth due to the structure of their mouth.

Bullmastiffs didn’t bark too much

Bullmastiffs are considered to be alert and protective which makes them good guard dogs. Though they are considered good guards still they didn’t bark too much like dog breeds like German shepherds.


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