How To Make Your Dog Active

How To Make Your Dog Active? Easy Tips For Dog Owners

How To Make Your Dog Active? Easy Tips For Dog Owners

If you have a lazy dog who loves to rest indoors instead of going for walk & exercising, then you should follow these tips to make him active

No one wants their pet dog to be a couch potato, every Dog parent wants their dog to be active and healthy. Being lazy is not good for their health either. Most of them get bored, tired, and become stubborn when it’s time for exercising or going out for walks. However, there are many reasons why do dogs become lazy.

It gets really tough for the owner to make the dog energetic and agile again. Here we will discuss some ways by which you can make your lazy dog active.

How to make your dog active?

You can follow the following tips to make your dog more active and healthy!

Start exercising your dog slowly

If your dog has been inactive or lazy for a long time then you should not force him to exercise much for the first time only.  Also, you must understand that it’s natural for old dogs to become lazy so you can’t expect them to get much more energetic.

Also make sure some breeds don’t require much activity, for example, English Bulldogs need a small amount of exercise in comparison to Jack Russell Terriers and Belgian Malinois.

Start a bit slow then increase the difficulty level step by step. Don’t make him tired on the very first day only otherwise he will resist workout from the next day.

You can start taking him outside for short walks then start increasing the distance weekly. If your dog gets tired easily then skip one day for rest in the initial days. After two or three weeks you can proceed to Jog and do other exercises.

Encourage your dog by giving him treats as rewards

Training a lazy dog
Training a lazy dog

Use their greed for food to make them motivated. You can give them treat as a reward for every successful step.  You can give them dog biscuits or any other small food they love to eat.

Avoid feeding them unnecessarily, instead of feeding them whenever they successfully completed any task. You can play something like a “treasure hunt” hide some treats and let your dog find them.

Don’t let your dog get bored

Make sure your dog is enjoying the training otherwise, he would not exercise anymore. Try to grab their interest and attention, so they would find pleasure.

Rather than exercising them straight and repeating workouts, you can play with them.  You can easily exercise your dog while playing and the best thing is both of you will enjoy this. Using toys as exercise equipment is also a good idea.

There are many fun ways by which you can exercise your dog

  • Hiking
  • Frisbee or Ball toss
  • Fetching
  • Tug of war
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Flirt pole

Be patient and regular

Don’t push your dog for exercising too much otherwise, it would affect his health negatively.

In order to make your dog active, you need patience, a dog would not become energetic overnight. A dog needs to be trained step by step so be calm. You have to be consistent and regular to get the changes.

You will observe the positive changes in a few weeks only including some changes in his temperament and health.

Let your dog play with a partner

Let your dog play with other dogs as their play partner. If your dog is good with other dogs then you should take it to Dog Park and allow your dog to play with other dogs.

It also helps your dog to socialize with others and makes him friendly. Playing with other dogs would be very fun for your dog and he will be more agile.

Feed your dog properly

Make sure your dog is getting enough nutrition according to his need. Check that your dog is getting enough calories according to his size and breed from his diet. Also, the diet contains necessary vitamins and contains enough protein according to the need of the dog.

You must know that an active dog needs more calories in comparison to an inactive dog, so you have to feed him properly when you exercise him.

Don’t overfeed your dog either as it may also make the dog lazy and lethargic. Feeding your dog excessively can make your dog obese and can cause many health problems like poor digestion and Bloat.

Know the limits of your dog

Know how much is enough for your dog based on his size, breed, and age. An average dog requires to be exercised for around 45 minutes but it doesn’t mean that all of them require this much.

Some dog breeds like English Bulldog, Pomeranians, Bullmastiffs, and Dachshund don’t need many workouts but some breeds like Labrador retrievers, Jack Russell, and Dalmatians can be trained more. Also, many large-sized dog breeds are a little calmer than the small-sized dog breeds

Always train your dog during the coolest hours of the day so make sure you take them out for playing in the early morning or in the evening.

Also, many dog breeds are not very comfortable in hot weather as they are prone to Heatstroke, so you should avoid exercising them in hot weather.

It is very common for dogs to get lazier when they get old so you can’t expect them to be as active as an adult dog.

Keep your dog Hydrated

Observe that your dog is drinking plenty of water every day.  During hot summer days, dehydration is common in dogs so you should provide plenty of fresh and clean water to your dog.  Keep the water available to him all the time, you can also give him ice cubes.

Whenever you take your dog out for a walk, keep a water bottle with you, so that you can give your dog water whenever he gets heated and feel thirsty.

Take your dog for monthly health checkups

Too Lethargic or lazy behavior could also be an early sign of health disease including liver diseases, Heat problems, depression, and hypoglycemia. So you should take your dog to the vet for health checkups.

Why do some dogs get lazy?

There are several reasons why some dogs become lazy or inactive-

  • Age: As the dog gets older he becomes less energetic. It is very common that an older dog would be lazy and less agile in comparison to an adult dog.
  • Improper Diet – A diet should be balanced because Nutritional deficiency can also cause weakness. Also, excessive feeding can also lead to lazy behavior and health problems like obesity.
  • Health Issues: Some diseases or health issues also cause lethargic behavior in dogs including Hip Dysplasia, Heart problems, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Food poisoning, Liver issues, Infections, Mites, Parvovirus, Bloat, Dehydration, and kennel cough.
  • Hot weather: It is common that many dog breeds don’t like to be active during hot weather like summers. You should also avoid their training at high temperatures as they are also prone to health issues like heat stroke and dehydration.
  • Dog breed: You can’t make some of the dogs breed much more active as they are naturally lazy. Some dog breeds like English Bulldogs don’t like exercising much or training and prefer to relax indoors. Whether some dog breeds like Belgian Malinois loves to play outdoors.
  • Drug Side Effects: Some medications can also cause laziness in dogs.
  • Pregnancy: Lethargic and inactive behavior can also be observed during pregnancy.
  • Mood swings: The mood of the dog could also be a reason for his lazy behavior. Some past incidents or Trauma can cause your dog to be stressed and depressed. It is suggested that you should take your dog outside and try to make him happy.


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