How does a Rottweiler show affection

How does a Rottweiler show affection?

How does a Rottweiler show affection: A rottweiler could show affection or love by many gestures like licking, laying on you or wagging tail.

It is not difficult to tell your dog that you love him, but for them, it could be a little difficult. Especially dog breeds like Rottweilers are often misunderstood. If a dog owner is a little experienced, then he can tell effortlessly what your Rottie is trying to show. If you observe the signs and gestures that dogs usually show then you can also tell when your Rottweiler is being affectionate towards you. Here we would discuss how Rottweilers show their love to others.

How do Rottweilers show love or affection towards owners-

Usually, it is easy to tell when your Rottweiler is showing love however there are still some signs which make owners confuse. Below are the most common gestures that dogs especially Rottweilers show while being affectionate towards owners. But it doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t love you if he doesn’t show such signs. It all depends upon the behavior of your dog, maybe your dog could be a little shy or lazy.

Licks you

Almost all dogs lick their owners; many dog owners acknowledge it as a kiss. Usually, it means that your dog cares for you and he accepts you as his master.  This is a common way of showing affection used by dogs.  However, excessive licking could also mean that the dog is anxious or tensed.


You often have observed that your dog is laying or putting body weight against your legs, this gesture is very common among Rottweilers. This behavior of your dog indicates that he trusts you.  Other things that you could observe are laying head on others and hugging.

Lying on back

It is common for dogs to lie down on their back in front of their owners; usually, they do so when they are asking for belly rubs.  It shows that your Rottweiler is comfortable around you and he trusts you.

Wagging tail

Usually, Dog wags their tail to when they are happy or excited. You could tell about the mood of your Rottweiler by just looking at your dog’s tail. The faster your Rottweiler wags his tail the more excited he is.  If your dog wags his tail in your presence then it means he is happy around you.

Following you

There could be many reasons for your dog following you; generally, the dog follows their family because of their pack mentality. Rottweilers are known for following their favorite person. If your Rottweiler follows you then it means he likes your company.  It shows that they feel separated without you and you should avoid keeping them alone for a long time.

Sharing things

Possessive aggression is common in dog breeds like Rottweilers, they don’t like to share their things with others. If they bring their things to you then you should feel lucky, they don’t easily share their stuff. Usually, they bring leaves, toys, and sticks to the owners.

Got excited

It is obvious if a dog enjoys your presence he would be happy and excited after seeing you. Identifying whether your Rottweiler is excited or not is easy, you can tell this just by observing the body language of your dog. Usually, they wag their tails, bark, and start jumping whenever they get excited.

Makes Eye contact

Just as in humans, dogs also make eye contact with their owners. According to some studies when dogs watch or make eye contact with their favorite person their brain releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that is related to happiness and affection.  However, you must be a little careful with other dogs as in some situations it is a sign of aggression.

Seeking Attention

Attention seeking behavior is very common among Rottweilers. Such dogs always try to catch the attention of their family members because they want to get noticed. A dog usually adopts such behavior when he doesn’t get enough attention and care. if your Rottweiler also tries to gain your attention then you should try to give them more attention.

How to show your Rottweiler that you love him?

We all know that Rottweilers love their owners, so it is our duty to show them that we care for them and we also enjoy their companionship. Here we would discuss some things that we can do that Rottweilers enjoys.

Play with them

Rottweiler is an active dog breed and one thing all Rottweiler owners know that they love to play. Taking your Rottie out for playing or exercising could be helpful and enjoyable for both of you. Besides this, it will also help in making your dog fit and healthy. You can go out for long walks, play fetch with them, go hiking or go to dog parks.

Give them attention

Dog breed like Rottweiler would never have enough of your attention. They are of social nature and loves to be among the family members and owner. Giving them attention would obviously make them happier. Also, you should avoid leaving them alone for a long time.

Feed them

Rottweilers are greedy eaters and if you give them something delicious to eat, it would obviously make them happier. But you have to make sure not to overfeed them as Rotties are known for eating too much and getting obese. You can make a proper diet for your Rottweiler by consulting a Vet.

Petting them

Not only Rottweilers, but all dogs also love to get petted. It shows the bond and trust between the owner and the dog. Rottweilers love to get petted. You can gently massage or scratch their ears and paws. Also, you can brush their coat as it makes them comfortable.


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