German Shepherd temperament and behavioral problems

German Shepherd Temperament and Characteristics

German Shepherd Temperament and Characteristics

German Shepherd Temperament and Characteristics: This intelligent dog breed is famous for protective behavior but sometimes become aggressive.

The German shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world so you can find a Purebred German shepherd puppy easily. This dog breed is highly trainable. We will discuss some information, pros and cons, and facts regarding the German shepherd’s character and behavior. These large-sized all-purpose working dogs are very energetic and strong. These dogs are also notorious as one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world due to their aggressive behavior but many trainers considered them as Calm and Patient too.

Besides their behavior problems, GSDs are considered as best Police and Guarding dogs and due to their intelligence, alertness, curious. assertive and Confident temperament. These determined and attentive dogs can protect you and show it’s capabilities in an emergency situation. If trained they can live with family and kids because of their loyal and faithful behavior but kids should also be taught how to address them properly. Training is necessary for them because they have a common behavioral problem of aggressiveness and they have different personality traits according to different behavior stages. Here we will discuss the Temperament and behavior of the German shepherd.

First, we will discuss some Good personality traits of German shepherds-

German shepherds are Calm and Obedient

German shepherds can be very calm and obedient if they are properly trained. GSDs are one of the most dangerous dogs in the world but they can be really calm and patient if they are properly trained and are socialized properly from an early age. These large working dogs can understand their owners easily than any other breed and follow their commands. Although they are very powerful and large, they are quite calm and their calm personality makes them even more popular as a good family dog.

German shepherd’s Calm and Obedient behavior makes them-

  • Easy to train
  • Follow command
  • Understand their owner
  • Safe to Family members
  • A well-disciplined dog

German shepherds are very intelligent, watchful, and Confident

The German shepherd is regarded as one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world which makes them a combination of both strength and intelligence. These Intelligent dogs are used as Guard, Police, and Military dogs due to their alert behavior. German shepherds are no doubt very courageous and they will never step back to protect its family in emergency situations. German shepherd intelligence increased their fan following and because of their intelligence, they are also used as rescue dogs and many other places. They are considered great guard dogs due to their alert and watchful behavior which can protect their family from outsiders.

German shepherd’s Intelligent, watchful and Confident behavior makes them

  • A good Guard dog
  • Largely used as Police, Army, and Rescue dogs
  • Easy to train
  • Protective

German shepherds are Affectionate and Loyal to their family

Although they are very tough and strong, GSDs are affectionate and loyal to their family as well as kids. Many people think that “GSDs are dangerous to kids” but they are wrong, German shepherds can be really calm and affectionate too if they are trained and socialized properly from an early age but kids should also be taught to how to behave with them. German shepherds are very loyal to their family members and are very protective of them, A GSD will always be want to be with its family members and will hate to be alone. These qualities of German shepherds make them Great Family dogs that can be kept in a family with kids.

German shepherd’s  Affectionate and Loyal behavior makes them-

  • A good family dog
  • Safe to kids
  • Less Aggressive
  • Loves to be with Family

German Shepherds are Energetic and Powerful

German shepherds are no doubt very powerful as they are considered one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world and agile. GSDs have a high bite force and are very Agile. A German shepherd is really playful due to its high energy level and it can be a good companion to you while exercising or playing. They should be trained and exercised regularly and to maintain their energy level and keep their body healthy.

German shepherd’s Energetic behavior makes them:

  • Playful
  • Healthy
  • A good exercising partner

Behavioral problems in German shepherds

German shepherds can be Aggressive and Dominant (if not trained properly)

German shepherds are misunderstood as a very dangerous dog breed, Many German shepherds are often seen attacking strangers and other pets especially dogs of the same sex. In some situations, GSDs are observed attacking even their owners but in most of these cases, the dog is abused or beaten which causes them to be so aggressive. So Physical Punishment should never be given to them. Another thing that causes them to be so aggressive is Caging or Chaining them, Caging or Chaining dogs bring aggression in them. Improper Training and bad socializing also cause them to be dominant and violent. So Proper Training and Socializing are mandatory for them to be Calm.

German shepherd Violent behavior makes them-

  • Barking too much
  • Excessive biting
  • to be Destructive
  • To be Dominative towards other Pet

Tips for Owners-

Daily Exercising

Daily Exercising is very important for German shepherds to make them healthy and keep their energy level constant, Your GSD can be a good exercising partner and Exercising can improve his health as well as your health. Germans shepherds have a high energy level and it is important to them that they should be exercised regularly, daily exercising reduces destructive and aggressive behavior in dogs. You should go out for a walk with your dog at least twice a day. So daily Exercising is mandatory for German shepherds.

Training and Socialization

Proper Training and Socializing from an early is age is necessary to make your German shepherd less aggressive and calm. Never try to train your GSD by showing them stick or by using any physical method because this will create fear of stick in your dog and your dog will only follow your command when you had that stick and it will also make him more violent, Try to give him treat while training this will be a better way of training. Another important thing is socializing from an early age which will reduce your dog’s dominative and violent behavior.

Physical Punishment should be avoided

Another thing that should be kept in mind is that you should avoid physical punishment to your German shepherd because this can cause a huge change in its behavior which will result in aggressiveness and biting. Physical punishment leads to anxiety and fear in dogs which causes them to attack their owners. Physical Punishment can cause fear in a dog and that dog can attack anyone in fear.

Caging and Chaining should be avoided

You should not cage or chain your German shepherd because this will increase dominative behavior and aggression in it which will result in attacking other pets and animals, this can also affect health and can cause spine problems. German Shepherds love to be with their family and friends so if you keep them caged or chained it affects their behavior in a negative way. Keep your GSD with you and your family and this will make him be calm and patient.

Leaving a German shepherd alone for hours can also affect his behavior negatively because GSDs want to be with their family and owner most of the time and he hates to be alone. A German shepherd can also suffer from separation anxiety if you leave them alone at home for several hours which causes destructive and violent behavior in them. So if you have a busy schedule and don’t have enough time to be with your dog then a German shepherd is not the right breed for you.

You should own a German Shepherd if you want a dog which would be-

  • Intelligent
  • Protective and Alert
  • Powerful and Muscular
  • Fearless and Watchful
  • Energetic and Agile
  • Playful
  • Loyal
  • Highly Trainable

You should not own a German shepherd if you want a dog which would-

  • Not bark much
  • Not need much Exercising
  • Be friendly with strangers and other dogs


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