Facts and Information of German Shepherd

German Shepherd Characteristics, Facts, and Information

German Shepherd Characteristics, Facts, and Information

German Shepherd Characteristics, Facts, and Information: German Shepherd is a popular police dog breed known for its smartness and loyalty.

An All-Purpose dog known as GSD or German shepherd is a large-sized dog with a muscular body besides their size and strength they are very agile and have a good working ability. A German shepherd is highly intelligent and is adaptable which makes him a good family dog. German Shepherd is very protective and loyal this means that they are of good and noble character and states that German shepherd temperament is not dangerous or aggressive if their training is done properly, Not only their personality and behavior GSD are very beautiful also they are often famous for their dense and heavy coat of medium length which sheds almost all year.

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and their popularity creates greed among breeders which increases poor breeding of German shepherds and it becomes difficult for dog lovers to buy a healthy and pure breed German shepherd Puppy. They are so popular as almost everyone knows this dog breed but the question is how much you know about German shepherds?
German shepherds are large-sized working dogs and they are often called all-purpose workers.
We will discuss German shepherds in Detail including their temperament and behavior, Size including height and weight, appearance, health conditions, and diet (and various information about them).

Size of German Shepherd

German shepherds are medium to large in size. GSDs are longer than tall and their length and weight depend upon their sex.


Female- 22-32 kg

Male- 30-40 kg


Female- 22-24 inches

Male- 24-26 inches


These all-purpose dogs are medium to large in size and their powerful body structure looks muscular. As mentioned earlier Shepherds are more long than tall. Their large ears are erect and they have medium-sized beautiful brown eyes which look great on their face. Their muzzle is long and pointed and they have a black-colored nose.

Coat and Color

German Shepherd Colors
German Shepherd Colors

The coat of German Shepherd is one of the main factors in adding beauty to their body. GSDs are said to be the dog with the heavy coat with long hair and most People became hesitant before adopting a German shepherd because they think that this will cause hairs scattered in their house and will cause a mess. German Shepherds has beautiful Dense and heavy double coat or two-layer coat containing Outer-coat and Undercoat. The undercoat is thick and dense and the Outer coat contains weather-resistant long hairs.

German Shepherd is famous for its heavy coat and their coat comes in different colors including combinations of Red-Black and Tan-Black color and it is most common in German shepherds, they have Dark or black marking on their back and near forehead and jaw. However, there are other colors including Black, White, and silver color but they are not common they are rare.

History or past of German Shepherds

In Northwest Europe during the 1850s German shepherds were used for herding sheep. They were used to protect the flock of sheep from predators.

With increasing popularity German shepherd’s importance also gets increases. In Germany, some local communities have the ideology that these dogs can do their best in herding because of all the mandatory skills like strength, intelligence, and agility.

Health conditions in German shepherds

The German shepherd is a popular dog breed and hence poor breeding of this dog breed is increased so it is essential that you should learn to choose a German shepherd puppy before buying one because poor breeding also causes many diseases by birth which many peoples are unable to figure out.

GSD is an active and Energetic dog breed and hence they need regular exercising to keep themselves healthy. They suffer mostly from Bone related problems including Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, OCD (Osteochondritis dissecans), and some other bone-related issues.

To keep them healthy and fit a good diet from their initial days, regular checkup, and daily exercising is required. Vaccination is also important to prevent many diseases because prevention is better than cure.

Bloat and pancreatitis is another common health problem in German shepherds.

Behavior, Temperament or Personality of German shepherds

Many people think that German shepherds are dangerous and aggressive but this is a half-truth, These qualities of the dog depend only on the Training and Breeding of the dog. Any dog can become dangerous if their Training is poor or if they are bred to be aggressive.

German shepherds are dogs with confident Temperaments and fearless behavior. Some German shepherds become dangerous because of poor socializing with strangers, they often try to catch cats and become cat chasers. Some German shepherds become aggressive or become dangerous to other dogs of the same sex.

But generally, German shepherds act friendly and calm with other family pets which means GSDs are Fine with other animals if their socializing is done properly from their initial age.

To reduce their Aggressiveness daily exercising is very important and as German shepherds are very energetic so their intense energy can be controlled by daily exercising and training.

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent their intelligence makes them the 3rd most intelligent dog breed in the world, GSDs are the perfect combination of both intelligence and power, yes German shepherds are the world’s 3rd most dangerous dog breed in the world. German shepherds are greatly used as k9 and guard dogs because of their great skills like their excellent senses of good hearing and smelling ability they can easily catch any suspects if they have any doubt.

Useful Information regarding German Shepherds-

German shepherd as a Pet or Family dog

No doubt German shepherds can do great as a family dog because they have all the necessary skills and good temperament which will make them an ideal Pet. German shepherds are very intelligent and if they are properly trained they will be very calm also if they are properly trained. GSDs can become very caring and friendly if they are socialized properly from staring or their initial age. German shepherds are very protective of their Owner as well as their family and their excellent protective behavior makes them good guard dogs.

Are German Shepherds Dangerous?

German shepherds are no doubt dangerous they are of confident and aggressive temperament and of protective behavior. GSD has a large and muscular body structure which is very powerful. German shepherds have an excellent bite force of PSI which makes them attack with more power and their agility makes them even more dangerous which will make them catch their target or prey more easily and help them make an attack of massive power. Their dangerous attack can easily kill a human.

Can German shepherds be left alone with kids?

It is said that some German shepherds are Aggressive with kids but this doesn’t prove that German shepherds are not good with kids. I have seen many German shepherds being really caring and humble with children. This is based on how the dog is socialized and Trained, A well-trained and socialized German shepherd can be really well with kids however a GSD that is not trained properly can be really dangerous to kids.
Kids should also be taught how to behave with animals if they will behave gently with a dog the dog would behave the same with them.

Are German shepherds Aggressive?

German shepherds are famous for being Dangerous and Aggressive, German shepherds can easily become aggressive if they are not properly trained and socialized. The behavior of a German shepherd or any other dog will mostly depend on the raising of the dog. If you socialize, train, and raise your German shepherd properly they will become really well and if you didn’t train him well then they can become really aggressive and dangerous.

Can we leave the German shepherd alone at home?

Can German Shepherd be left alone at home
Can German Shepherd be left alone at home?

You should not leave the German shepherds alone if it is not necessary because German shepherds love to be with their family members and they also hate to be alone. This thing can also make him more aggressive and can affect his behavior in a negative way. If you leave your dog alone for many hours it can become really boring and it can start destroying its surroundings so you should let your GSD be with you and your family.

Do German shepherds attack their owners?

In many cases, we have seen that German shepherd attacks their owner but we have not noticed that in most of the cases the dog is not properly trained and socialized. In some cases, the GSD had been bullied and this ill behavior makes them really dangerous and aggressive but if you will train your German shepherd with proper love and care he will surely become really loyal and affectionate.

Which is more aggressive Male German Shepherd or female German shepherd?

Male German shepherds are seemed to be more aggressive than females. Female GSD s are seemed to be more calm and affectionate than male one who is less calm and more energetic. This difference in their behavior makes Female German shepherds be trained more easily than males.

Are German shepherds affectionate?

German shepherds are very intelligent they knew that who loves them and this causes them to be more affectionate with their owner and their family. The protective and caring nature shows that they are very affectionate to their close ones. If you love and care for your dog he will also love you in return.

Are German shepherds Protective of their Family and Owner?

German shepherds are the most common police and guard dogs so this is obvious that they are protective in nature.  GSDs have excellent guarding ability and they are no doubt very protective of their family and owner. German shepherds are very intelligent and are fearless in nature so whenever a German shepherd sense danger from anyone he will never step back to protect their family.

What is the life span of German shepherds?

The average life span of German shepherds is 9-13 years however life span of a fit and healthy GSD can be 12-15 years.

Does the German shepherd shed a lot?

German shepherds have very dense and heavy coat double coat of medium length which looks very beautiful on them and It is true that German shepherds shed a  lot, They shed almost all year but they shed heavily in summers and moderate in winters.

Are German shepherds loyal?

Yes, German shepherds are no doubt very loyal to their owner as well as their family. German shepherds are one of the most loyal dog breeds in the world and that is why the demand and popularity of this dog breed are increasing a lot.

Do German shepherd requires a lot of Grooming?

Yes, German Shepherds require a lot of grooming because of their heavy and dense coat that shed almost all year. Grooming is necessary to reduce shedding and to make their coat shine. However German shepherds do not need much care to keep them clean.

Are German Shepherds Active and Agile?

German Shepherds are very agile and active. German shepherds require regular exercise to keep them healthy and they were herding dogs in their past because of their intelligence and agility.

Are German shepherds good Guard dogs?

German shepherds are very good guard dogs not only of their protective temperament but also of their intelligence. They are considered one of the best guard dogs in the world. German shepherds are proven so good as guard dogs that they are becoming the first choice as guard and police dogs.

German shepherd’s Behavior with other dogs or pets?

Some German shepherds are so aggressive in nature that some of them become cat chasers and they often try to bite and hurt them. Many German shepherds become aggressive with other dogs of same-sex and they will always find a way to attack them, But with the proper training and good socializing a German shepherd can be very humble and friendly with other dogs and pets So socializing and training is very important to make them calm and friendly with other Pets.

Can we Cage or chain German shepherds?

No, we shouldn’t cage or chain German shepherds if it is not compulsory. Caging and chaining of German shepherds are wrong because it makes them very aggressive and really dangerous. It not only makes their temperament aggressive but also it affects their health also because GSD is an active breed of dog and chaining and caging them can cause them various health problems like spine problems, So you should always try not to cage or chain them whenever it is possible and let them be with you and your family members.

Exercising of German shepherds?

A German shepherd is an agile and active breed of dog so they need regular exercise to divert their energy level in the right way and to keep their mind and body positive. Exercising of German shepherds is based on their age, Generally, an adult German shepherd requires the normal amount of exercise, and to keep them fit they require at least 30 min of exercise daily and a maximum of 2 hours a day.

Are German shepherds really intelligent?

Yes, the German shepherds are really smart and it is the world’s 3rd most intelligent dog breed in the world. German shepherds can easily learn new tricks because of their intelligence. The German shepherd is mostly used as a guard and police dog because of its smartness.

Is socializing is necessary for German Shepherds?

German shepherds can easily develop aggressive behavior against strangers and to reduce this aggressive temperament socializing of a German shepherd is necessary from its initial age.

If a German shepherd Puppy is not socialized from the beginning they can become really dangerous and aggressive when they grew up and it will become difficult to make them calm if a dog is grown up so socializing is necessary for German shepherds.

How to choose the Perfect Diet of German Shepherds?

German Shepherd is an active and energetic breed of dog so their diet should be perfect according to the energy level of their body. Most of the trainers feed their dog mainly meat but you can feed both vegetarian and non-vegetarian to your GSD but the protein, fat, and other nutrition should be perfect according to the growth stages of your German shepherd.

The protein fat composition in the diet of Adult German Shepherd should be-

18% of Protein

5% of Fat

The protein fat composition in the diet of German Shepherd Puppy should be-

22% of Protein

8% of Fat.

You can own a German Shepherd if you want a dog which would-

  • Be Large, Muscular, and Powerful.
  • be Playful and active.
  • Good and Intelligent Guard dog.
  • Be agile and can Go for exercising with you.

You should not own a German Shepherd if you want a dog which would-

  • Not make noise.
  • Not shed too much.
  • Can sit in your lap.
  • Not Require much exercising.






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