English Mastiff Temperament and Characteristics

English Mastiff Temperament and Characteristics

English Mastiff Temperament and Characteristics

English Mastiff Temperament and Characteristics: Besides their Intimidating looks English Mastiffs are quite affectionate and friendly dogs.

An ancient dog breed from England, English Mastiffs are rarely aggressive and are of calm temperament. These dogs don’t bark too much as compared to other dog breeds. Although they are of good nature and friendly behavior, these dogs are very loyal and protective of their family and owner which makes them good guard dogs. These dogs can become very good family dogs and can be really nice to kids. There are many characteristics of the Behavior of these dogs and Here we will know about the Temperament and Personality of English Mastiffs.

Personality Traits of English Mastiffs:

English Mastiffs are Calm and Gentle

Though they are large in size and have massive strength, these dogs are considered calm Gentle Giants. These dogs are peaceful in nature. The chances of English Mastiffs becoming aggressive or violent are very few. Even though there are very few chances of them becoming aggressive but still, they need proper socialization from begging.

They are of Peaceful temper, they don’t bark much as compared to other dog breeds and only bark when it is necessary. Due to their Gentle behavior, these dogs are very popular. Due to their calm temperament training of mastiffs becomes easy.

Friendly and Affectionate              

English Mastiffs are very friendly and well-mannered dogs. These dogs are very affectionate to their family and owner. Due to this loving behavior of English Mastiffs they can become very good family dogs. They can even live with kids peacefully and most of them are caring and protective of kids.

Too small kids are not perfect to live with them because of the massive size of mastiffs. Be sure to train and socialize them properly because many of them are not friendly with strangers. These dogs often show caring behavior towards kids and act as their guardians. These dogs are becoming more and more famous as family dogs only because of their loving and soft-hearted demeanor.

Protective and Courageous

Besides the Cute and Friendly looks of English Mastiffs, there is another form of them which is extremely protective and defensive. These dogs are very loyal to their owner and family as well. They can do anything to protect their owner and family, sometimes this behavior of them often leads to aggression in them. If not socialized properly they can become aggressive and violent towards strangers. Dominative behavior towards other dogs and pets also seems in them.

English Mastiffs don’t bark much but when they are doubtful of any stranger or any other outsiders they can bark very loud. These Courageous and fearless dogs can do anything to protect their family. If you want a dog who would be protective and defensive, then you can own an English Mastiff dog.

Questions regarding English Mastiff Behavior-

Are English Mastiffs Aggressive?

Although this breed is not considered an aggressive dog breed, still there are chances that some of them can become aggressive. English Mastiffs are of protective nature and many of them become aggressive to strangers and other dogs. These dogs are excellent guard dogs because of their defensive nature but keep in mind that they will not become overprotective.

However, this breed is not regarded as a dangerous dog breed but aggression can make any dog vicious. Aggression in English Mastiffs can be avoided by proper training and socialization from the beginning. Also, avoid chaining or caging them, these things also encourage aggressive behavior in them.

English Mastiffs as a Family dog?

English Mastiffs are becoming very popular as a good family dog. This dog breed has all the qualities of a perfect family dog. They are calm and affectionate which makes them excellent with kids. They are caring and friendly.

These dogs are excellent guard dogs because of their natural protective instincts in them. These courageous dogs are very loyal to their owner and family.  English Bulldogs can become really good family dogs because of so many qualities of their behavior.

Are English Mastiffs Playful?

However English Mastiffs have a large and massive body, they are quite energetic and playful as compared to their size. Neither they are extremely energetic nor they are lazy, they have a moderate energy level.

The exercise requirements of this dog breed are not much, they require moderate exercising. Make sure that you take them for normal exercise just to avoid slothfulness in them. You can take them for regular long walks. They can play games like tug of war and fetching.

Do English Mastiffs Barks a lot?

Usually, English Mastiffs don’t bark too much. Mastiffs are considered as a quiet and calm dog breed, they only bark when they feel it’s necessary. But it doesn’t mean that all of them are quiet, due to their Protective temperament English Mastiffs barks at strangers and other dogs.  Sometimes they bark too much at outsiders on whom they are doubtful.

Are English Mastiffs Easy to train?

English Mastiffs are intelligent and smart dogs who can understand their owner easily. An English Mastiff can be trained easily if he gets consistent training from the beginning. So they require training from the beginning in order to avoid stubborn behavior in them. All over, English Mastiffs are intelligent dogs that can understand their owner and can follow their commands.

You should own an English Mastiff if you want a dog that would:

  • Be Calm and Gentle
  • Be Friendly and Affectionate
  • Not Bark too much
  • Be not Aggressive
  • Have a Large and Powerful body
  • Be a Good Guard dog

You should not own an English Mastiff if you want a dog that would be:

  • Extremely Energetic
  • Apartment dog
  • a Lapdog
  • Small in size
  • Noisy
  •  Aggressive and Less Friendly


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