Old English Mastiff Grooming, Shedding And coat Care

English Mastiff Grooming, Shedding And Health Care

English Mastiff Grooming, Shedding And Health Care

English Mastiff Grooming, Shedding And Health Care: English Mastiffs are low maintenance dogs that don’t need frequent baths and grooming.

Mastiffs or English mastiffs have a short coat that does not get dirty easily so they don’t need frequent baths. Their Wrinkles need to be wiped or cleaned regularly. They shed their coat moderately thus to remove dead and extra hairs or fur brushing is necessary during shedding season. Their Nails should be clipped to avoid injuries and their teeth should also be brushed. Here we will know about Grooming and Caring for English Mastiffs and some necessary tips.


English Mastiffs is an ancient breed of dog which is extremely large in size.


Male: 72-91 cm

Female: 72-91 cm


Male: 73-100 kg

Female: 72-91 kg

Lifespan:  6 years to 12 years

Breed Group: Working dogs

English Mastiff Appearance

English Mastiffs are extremely large in size. They have a huge body which gives them a powerful and sturdy look. Anyone can get frightened by their first appearance but they are Gentle Giants. They have a Stunning short and sleek coat which looks great on them. They have wrinkles on their face which give them a unique look.

Mastiffs have a wide and squared head, in addition, they have a special pattern of a mask at their muzzle area which enhances their attractiveness. They have V-shaped ears and a black nose.

Coat and Color of English Mastiffs

English Mastiffs have a beautiful short coat. Their coat looks so sleek and smooth coat which suits them perfectly. Even though they have a short coat their coat still sheds, During shedding season brushing is necessary. Their coat comes in a few colors which are Apricot, brindle, and fawn. All of these colors look beautiful on them.


Although they have a short coat they still shed. They are not high shedders like German shepherds, they shed moderately. They shed heavily only in the Summer and Fall seasons. Their shedding can be controlled easily, during shedding seasons they require regular brushing and monthly baths. You can also use a Deshedder tool like Furminator on them to reduce shedding.

Grooming of English Mastiffs

Brushing their Coat

English Mastiffs have a short coat and to keep this short coat clean, healthy, and glossy brushing is very helpful. Brushing helps in cleaning and also helps in removing extra dead hair from its coat. You should brush your English Mastiff at least once or twice a week.


Bathing is a very needful thing for grooming your English Mastiff. It helps in removing dirt and dead hairs from the coat of a dog. It also keeps the skin of the dog clean and helps in removing ticks and fleas. If your English Mastiff has ticks or fleas in his coat choose a good anti-flea

shampoo for your dog. English Mastiff requires monthly baths, you can bathe them once a month. Choose a good quality dog shampoo for your dog’s short coat by consulting your Vet. Don’t forget to dry him with a towel after a bath. Brushing the coat of a dog before a bath would be more good.

Wiping their Wrinkles

English Mastiffs have wrinkles on their face and skin inhabitants like Bacteria can grow in those skin folds. These bacteria can cause skin infections that need to be avoided. To avoid skin fold infection cleaning of their folds and wrinkles is necessary. You can wipe them with a soft cloth and a cleanser.

Trimming their nails

Not only for English Mastiffs nail clipping is necessary for all breeds. while playing with a dog there are high chances that you might get a scratch and nails can lead to injury. Grown-up nails can be dangerous because your dog can hurt you unintentionally. You can trim or clip their nails with a Nail clipper of dogs. Place their paws in your lap and do it gently, avoid clipping them too short because it can hurt your dog.

Brushing their teeth

Brushing is a very important step for grooming an English Mastiff.  It not only cleans their teeth it also avoid bad breath problem which is a common problem in dog breeds like Mastiffs. It also avoids Dental problems, and gum diseases and removes tartar from their teeth. Choose a good quality dog-friendly toothpaste recommended by your vet. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and try to brush their teeth gently in a circular manner. Make your dog habituated to brushing by beginning.

Eye and Ear care

Cleaning your English Mastiff’s eyes is a very important part of Grooming which many Dog owners ignore but their eyes should be cleaned regularly in order to avoid eye infections. You can also use eye drops by consulting your Vet. The tear stains should be wiped regularly with a soft cloth but make sure you didn’t touch their eyeballs or hurt their eyes. You should get them for routine eye checkups and make sure your dog’s eyes are not red or they are not swollen.

Mastiff’s ears should be cleaned periodically. Whenever you feel that your dog is building wax in his ears you can clean their ears. Make sure you don’t use a cotton swab to clean their ears because it can injure their ears, instead of cotton swabs use a cotton ball and ear cleansing drops by consulting your vet. Their ears should be cleaned with great cautiousness, you can also go to your Vet for cleaning of your English Mastiff’s ears.

Caring for English Mastiffs

Not only Grooming there are other things that are necessary for dogs. Now we will discuss the Caring for English Mastiffs.


English Mastiffs are not so energetic dogs but they also need to exercise however they don’t need much exercise as compared to other dog breeds. They just regular walks when they grow up, They just need daily walks of about 25 minutes. They need little exercise so that they didn’t become lazy. So if you didn’t have much time to exercise your dog then English Mastiff is the right choice for you.


English Mastiff is considered an intelligent dog breed. Training them is not difficult but you have to start consistently training them from the beginning otherwise they can become stubborn and it becomes quite difficult to train a stubborn dog. English Mastiffs can easily understand commands and can follow them however they can’t learn and do tricks like other dogs because of their massive size.


Like other dog breeds, socialization is necessary for Mastiffs. Generally considered a calm dog breed, English Mastiffs are very friendly but due to their protective and territorial behavior, they can become aggressive towards strangers and other dogs of the same sex. It is easy to socialize an English Mastiffs due to their friendly temperament, just try to socialize them earlier.

Regular Medical Checkups

English Mastiffs are prone to some health problems like Hip Dysplasia, Bloat, Hypothyroidism, & Arthritis, Some of the health problems can be avoided or stopped at their initial stage so regular medical checkups are necessary for them. You have to ask your Vet for necessary vaccinations for your English Mastiff like Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus.



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