English Bulldog Puppies Facts And Information

English Bulldog Puppies Facts and Information

English Bulldog Puppies Facts And Information

English Bulldog Puppies Facts And Information: Before checking price & buying you should know more about these cute English Bulldog puppies.

Tired of seeing cute British Bulldog or English Bulldog Puppy’s pictures. Before checking the price of Bulldog and visiting breeders or sale. You should read this information and facts about them. These kid friendly  and affectionate dogs may be the best family pet you have ever own.

English Bulldog Puppy’s Personality   

Bulldog puppy temperament
Bulldog puppy temperament

English Bulldogs are kind-natured family dogs that are rarely aggressive. They are famous for their nice temperament with children and are considered very safe to them.

English Bulldogs are also popular for their courageous and protective personality, which makes them a good guard dog. Stubborn behavior is also observed in them, which can be avoided by proper training.

Also, they don’t bark excessively, they only bark when it’s necessary. Instead of Barking they Wheeze or Snort.

Low Exercise requirement

English Bulldogs are perfect for them who don’t like to exercise. They just need a little workout to keep themselves fit.  They are not the very active type of dogs that loves to be outside, in fact, they like to relax more than being outdoors.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t like to play, they love to play but their workout need is not much. Exercising for 20 to 30 minutes is enough for them. If you don’t like to exercise much then you can own an English Bulldog puppy.

High Price of English Bulldog Puppies

English Bulldogs are very expensive but do you know the reason why they are so expensive?

Due to the big head of English Bulldog’s Puppy, it becomes tough to give them birth by normal delivery. Their head gets stuck in the birth canal, so Cesarean Section surgery is performed. Which is quite expensive.

English Bulldogs Don’t need much space

English Bulldog is a medium-sized dog breed and they are not considered to be much active or frisky. They love to relax most of the time. So you don’t need a big house to adopt an English Bulldog.

Bulldog puppies Can’t tolerate high temperature

English Bulldogs are not good for the areas with high temperatures. They are not good at tolerating hot temperatures and can also get heatstroke due to the Brachycephalic shape of their face. So it would be better to keep them inside in hot summer days. You should avoid getting a Bulldog Puppy if you live in a hot area.

Bulldog Puppies are Heavy Droolers

English Bulldogs are heavy droolers! They can’t hold saliva in their mouth. The reason for excessive or too much drooling in Bulldog Puppies & dogs is Food expectancy and the brachycephalic shape of their mouth.

Wrinkles of English Bulldog Puppy

English Bulldogs have a short coat on their body. Their skin is loose and wrinkly. But do you know that their wrinkles can cause skin infection? The wrinkles of the English Bulldogs should be cleaned regularly in order to avoid infection mostly especially facial wrinkles and tail pockets. The most common skin infection is Skin fold dermatitis.

Bulldog Puppies comes in many beautiful colors

The short coat of English Bulldogs comes in many beautiful colors with different combinations of markings on it. The most common colors are Fawn, White, Red, Brindle, and their markings. The rarest ones are Blue, Black, and Chocolate.

Bulldog puppies are Bad Swimmers

English Bulldogs are not good swimmers, most of them like water but most of them are bad swimmers. Some of them also die by sinking and the reason is the Brachycephalic shape of their face and their short & stocky body.

Biting issue of English Bulldog Puppies

During the teething period of Bulldog Puppies, they get addicted to Chewing things. You may find them chewing things like cushions, furniture, carpets, sofas, slippers, and toys. So you have to monitor them that they should not swallow anything.

English Bulldog puppies can become obese

English Bulldogs are greedy eaters, they are habitual of overeating. Flatulence or Farting is common in them. So you should not overfeed them otherwise they will get obese. Also, they should be trained properly from puppyhood only, or else they will become lazy and stubborn.

Bulldog puppies are quite hard to train

Though English Bulldogs don’t need much training as they are not very active but it is not easy to train them. English Bulldogs are known for adopting stubborn behavior. If they are not trained from an initial age they get very stubborn and lazy. As a result it gets very hard to train a stubborn dog who doesn’t want to move or exercise.

Not allowed in many Airlines

After the death of many English Bulldogs in the cargo section of Airplanes, many commercial airlines banned them. The reason for their death is overheating and breathing problems. Due to the facial structure of Bulldogs, it gets difficult for them to breathe. So if you love to travel airways and want to carry your dog with you then you should avoid owning a Bulldog.

Prone to many Health Issues

Unfortunately, English Bulldog Puppies are prone to many health issues. They are prone to many Health Problems & Diseases including Heart Disorders, Respiratory problems. Eye diseases, Skin Issues, and Bone & Joint Issues.

Many of the Health Problems are Hereditary and are caused by overbreeding. So if you want to take an English Mastiff Puppy then you should take it from a good and renowned dog breeder. Regular Health checkups, Good diet, and Regular exercise can avoid many Health Issues.

English Bulldogs Puppies are Kid-friendly

Last but not the least, English Bulldogs is a very affectionate and friendly breed for kids. They are rarely aggressive and are always protective of their family. This dog breed is perfect for kids even for small kids also.

If you have small kids in your home then you should own an English Bulldog without thinking twice. Also, They are good with cats, other dogs, and  Pets too.

Owning an English Bulldog is very fun! You will not get bored easily if you have a Bulldog in your house. These kind natured dogs are very fun-loving and entertaining. I would recommend you to own an English Bulldog Puppy.


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