English Bulldog dog breed information

English Bulldog Breed Information, Temperament And Pictures

English Bulldog Breed Information, Temperament And Pictures

English Bulldog Breed Information, Temperament And Pictures: Complete Information about bulldogs including health, facts, size and lifespan.

Often Considered as lazy and stubborn dog British Bulldog often known as English Bulldog is a medium sized muscular and sturdy dog breed. This hefty dog breed is one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds in the world. Bulldogs can be easily recognized by their Bow- legged and wrinkled face. British or English Bulldogs are generally calm and are of friendly temperament, even there puppies are also calm. Bulldogs are not so playful in nature and sometimes they become lazy, however, they didn’t require much exercise. Here we will discuss All about Bulldogs which include their Temperament, Colors, Grooming, Training, History and other information that you should know before Owning a British Bulldog dog.

Size and Weight of English Bulldogs

Bulldogs are Medium in size and their weight depends upon whether the dog is Female or male.

Male: 23 kg to 25 kg
Female: 18 kg to 23 kg

Male: 31 cm to 40 cm
Female: 31 cm to 40 cm

The average life span of an English Bulldog

Normally Bulldogs live up to 8 to 10 years.

The appearance of English Bulldogs

Newly Born English Bulldog Picture
Newly Born English Bulldog photo

Bulldogs can be easily identified by their medium-sized muscular body. They are broad and have bow legs. Bulldogs have the wide, sturdy and hefty body type, their body is heavy and stocky. They have a large head and big jaw with wrinkled face, hanging cheeks, and heavy jowls, They look confident and courageous. The tail of Bulldog is always short and it is not docked, it can be screwed but a dog with straight tail is considered better. These Friendly dogs are not large in size they look compact in size and are low in height, this means bulldog didn’t require much space and if you live in a flat or apartment then you can own an English Bulldog. Weight of Bulldogs should be examined because sometimes they can gain extra weight which is not good for their health.

Coat and color of English Bulldogs

Bulldog didn’t have long hair like any other breed but their coat still suits them and looks beautiful on them even their wrinkles looks good on them. This Sturdy dog breed appealed many dog lovers by its looks and that is why it’s one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Bulldogs have a short coat, their short coat looks glossy and shiny. they have straight short hair on loose skin on their body, due to their short coat Bulldogs didn’t require much grooming and frequent baths, All you have to take care of their wrinkles on their face head and shoulders, wrinkles on the skin should be cleaned regularly to avoid skin infection. Bulldogs comes in many colors like Piebald, Fawn, White, Brindle shades, Red and combinations of these colors.

History of Bulldogs

Bulldogs are one of the most Popular dog breeds in the world and they are also considered as one of the best family pet this may be because of the reason that they are very friendly, Protective and are safe to kids.

Bulldogs also are known as British Bulldog and English Bulldog are earlier used as Bull baiting and Bear Baiting. The origin of Bulldogs is United Kingdom – England. Bull baiting and Bear Baiting was very popular during the 1800s and till 18th-century Bulldogs become very Muscular, Hefty and stocky by Bull baiting, due to Bull baiting they also developed strong jaw with great bite force. Bull baiting was becoming more and more popular until 1835, In 1835 Bull baiting was banned under the Cruelty to animals act 1835. After some time Popularity of Bulldogs started gaining height and people started keeping them in the house as a family Pet, In 1886 Bulldogs gets recognized officially by American kennel club.

Health Condition of English Bulldogs

The Demand for Bulldogs is increasing day by day because of their increasing Popularity, the increasing popularity of Bulldogs means more profit for breeders and unfair or over breeding of Bulldogs affects Bulldog’s health negatively. A Bulldog may suffer from many serious health problems like Hip Dysplasia and Respiratory problems. So if you wanted to get a Bulldog Puppy to get it from a trusted and good breeder. Bulldogs also becomes over-weighed because they are Greedy eaters so you should provide them a good diet, Some Bulldogs becomes very lazy and if you want your dog that he didn’t become lazy and over-weighed then you should take him out for playing and exercise. Bulldogs are also unable to tolerate extremely cold weather. Another thing that should be concerned about is the wrinkles present on the face of Bulldogs, these wrinkles should be clean daily to avoid skin infections.

Some of the other Health problems and diseases that Bulldogs are Prone to-

  • Skin Infections
  • Arthritis
  • Cherry Eye
  • Heart diseases
  • Cancer
  • Ligament Injuries

Temperament and Personality of English Bulldogs

English Bulldog Temperament
English Bulldog Temperament

Bulldogs are famous for their friendly and gentle temperament. These gentle dogs are great with kids and if you have kids in your family, you can own them without concerning about safety of your child. Bulldogs are considered affectionate and kind but if they feel any danger from anyone they can attack them without thinking twice. Bulldogs are confident and protective. Another thing advantage of Bulldog’s temperament is that bulldogs are very courageous.

English or British Bulldogs are getting more and more famous because of their good friendly nature with kids and family members. They too can become stubborn if they are not socialized and trained. Bulldogs can adjust with any other Pet and can live in an apartment or fat also. Bulldogs are not so playful in nature and some of them love to relax most of the time.

They are not outdoor dogs and they didn’t really love to go outside and play all the time. Many Bulldogs do overeating and become overweighed. A little exercise is good for them because many of them become lazy. Overall Bulldogs are of Kind and Loving personality.

Other Useful Information Regarding English Bulldog-

Are English bulldogs aggressive?

Bulldogs are not aggressive by nature but if they are not properly trained and socialized they can become aggressive and stubborn. Like any other dog breed their aggressiveness depends all upon their training and conditions in which he is living but if they are treated well they can be really loyal and friendly but if they are not trained well they can become dangerous. All over Bulldogs are calm and gentle by nature.

Are Bulldogs good family dogs?

Bulldogs are considered good family dogs not only of their friendly and calm temperament but also they are protective and loyal. They can live with kids and other Pets in your house and can easily become their good companion, they can adjust in a small house and they didn’t need much space as compared to other breeds. Bulldogs are of caring temperament and are devoted to their owners, they are proven to be one of the best family Pet.

Do English Bulldogs bark?

Yes, Bulldogs bark like other dogs do but unlike other dog breeds like GSDs, Bulldogs didn’t bark too much. They do produce sounds like snorting and growling.

Can we leave an English Bulldog home alone?

Though they like to sleep and stay inside the home but Bulldogs are social dogs and they like to be between their family members most of the time so leaving them alone for many hours at home is not a good idea. Leaving your Bulldog alone can cause Destructive behavior in your dog and can cause Separation Anxiety in them. Some dogs which are left alone for many hours may develop destructive behavior and whenever they are left alone they start to bite & destroy things, start barking and whining. So You should not leave your dog alone for hours and always try to keep your dog with you.

Are English Bulldogs lazy?

Some Bulldogs become lazy and overweighed but if they are exercised regularly they can be active as well. Bulldogs just need little exercise so you didn’t have to get concerned about their exercise routine. Bulldogs are of calm temperament and some of them often become lazy so you have to take care of their health and notice that they didn’t become lazy or inactive.

Are English Bulldogs hard to train?

Yes, Bulldogs are a little hard to train. Training of Bulldog is not easy as compared to other breeds, Although Bulldogs are Calm and Friendly but when it comes to training they become little stubborn and making them follow commands become difficult for new owners.

Are Bulldogs safe with kids?

English Bulldogs are one of the most friendly dog breeds, they are very caring and kind. Bulldogs are social dogs and can easily live with other Pets and kids. They are very safe to kids and if you have kids in your home you keep Bulldog in your home but Kid should also be taught how to behave with Dogs. Bulldogs are considered one of the best pet dogs it may be because of their friendly behavior and their good behavior with kids.

Are English Bulldogs Attention seekers?

Yes, Bulldogs love to grab the attention of their owners. They are social dogs and they always want that they get constant attention. Some Bulldogs often do some naughty activities to get the attention of their owner.

Is English Bulldog a Healthy dog breed?

English or British Bulldog is not a healthy dog breed because of they prone to many health problems and diseases. Bulldogs suffer from many health diseases like Respiratory problems, Heart diseases, and Hip Dysplasia. Their skin folds or wrinkles should be cleaned regularly to avoid skin infections. Bulldogs are Greedy eaters and they often do overeating which causes them to become lazy and over-weighed.

How to choose a Perfect Diet for English Bulldogs?

It is one of the main concern about Bulldogs, what to feed or How to feed. Bulldogs are Greedy Eaters and they often do overeating. Bulldogs eating habits should be monitored briefly otherwise there are chances that they will become Unhealthy. Most of the Bulldogs suffer from Obesity that is why you should consult a good Vet about the diet of your dog.

Diet for Bulldog should contain Protein, healthy fats, Carbs and Vitamins and it should be low in Calories and rich in Protein. The calories intake for a Normal Bulldog should be 1100 calories in a single day and for an Active Bulldog, it should be around 1200 to 1300 calories. For an old Bulldog 900 to 950 calories per day is sufficient.

Some of the things should be avoided in Bulldog’s diet because many of them are allergic to these foods. Soy is one of the most common food that mostly Bulldogs are allergic to. Raw Meat and Salty eatables should be avoided. Another thing that is not good for not only Bulldogs but to all dogs is Chocolate, chocolate should always be avoided.

You can own a British or English Bulldog if you want a dog which would-

  • Be Good with kids
  • Adjust in Small house also
  • Protective and Caring
  • Be Friendly and Social
  • Not make much noise
  • Not need much Exercising
  • Be easy to Groom
  • Not shed too much
  • Be Nice with other Pets
  • Sit in your lap

You should not own an English or British Bulldog if You want a Dog which would-

  • Be Very Energetic and very Playful
  • Survive in any climate or weather
  • Not require regular Health checkups
  • Bark at strangers
  • Be Easy to train
  • Be Less Expensive

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