Bullmastiff Dog Breed Temperament, Pictures and Facts

Bullmastiff Dog Breed Temperament, Pictures and Facts

Bullmastiff Dog Breed Temperament, Pictures and Facts

Bullmastiff Dog Breed Temperament, Pictures and Facts: Bullmastiff is a strong guard dog breed from England famous for its confident behavior.

Fearless Bullmastiffs are famous for their large size, heavy weight, and for being good guard dogs. These muscular working dogs are of calm temperament and are devoted to their family however some of them might become a little aggressive towards other dogs and strangers because of their protective behavior.

Training and early socialization can avoid aggressive behavior in them. They are very loyal and they can go to any limits to protect their family. Like any other large-size dog breed, these dogs are also prone to develop Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Bullmastiffs are known to drool a lot.

Bullmastiff is considered an intelligent dog breed and can learn things from an early age only. Socialization is important for them, due to their protective personality it is recommended that if you have another dog at your home you should not own them. They are not as playful as other dog breeds like Belgian Malinois, but it doesn’t mean that they are not agile.

Here we will discuss the Bullmastiff dog breed in detail.

Size of Bullmastiff-

large size of Bullmastiff dog
large size of Bullmastiff dog

Bullmastiffs have a large-sized muscular body and are heavyweight.


Male: 64-68 Centimeters

Female: 60-66 Centimeters


Male: 50-60 KG

Female: 45-55 KG

The appearance of the Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs can easily be recognized by their large-sized body and intimidating looks. They are always heavy. These confident-looking dogs have wide and big heads with V-shaped ears. Their muzzle is black in color.

They are also famous for drooling a lot which means they are heavy droolers. They have muscular and tough bodies which give them powerful and strong looks.

Although they are of large size and heavyweight, these dogs can live in a medium-sized apartment because they are not very athletic and energetic so their exercise requirement is not very high. Due to their large size and different temperament, these dogs are not suitable to live with small children.

Coat and Color of Bullmastiffs

If you need a dog that does not need frequent bathing or much grooming then Bullmastiff would be the right breed for you because

Bullmastiffs have a short coat which requires moderate grooming and care. Their coat comes in three beautiful colors which enhance the attractiveness of their coat. Their coat comes in Red, Brindle, and Fawn colors.

The muzzle of Bullmastiffs is black in color which gives them a different look. The short coat of Bullmastiffs shed moderately which can be controlled easily by brushing them regularly, a Rubber curry brush would be good for their coat.

You can bathe them only when it’s necessary, whenever you feel that their coat is becoming filthy or dirty you can give them a bath.

History of Bullmastiff dog breed

Bullmastiff also called Gamekeeper’s night dog was developed in Britain around the mid-19th century. Gamekeepers need a fast and powerful dog to catch poachers and the dog should be also capable to grip them. The Bullmastiff was considered to be a protective and strong good guard dog.  In order to get the ideal breed according to their needs, they crossed English Mastiff with Bulldog, and the Bullmastiff dog breed was created. AKC recognized Bullmastiff as a breed in 1934.

Health Condition of Bullmastiff

Just like any other large-sized dog breeds Bullmastiff also has some health concerns. The average lifespan of a Bullmastiff is 8-10 years but many of them die early. Many of these health problems are genetic (Hereidetary diseases) so if you are owning a Bullmastiff puppy it will be good if you take it from a good reputable breeder.

You should also get concerned about their weight and should also monitor their diet because Bullmastiffs are known to do overeating which can cause some health problems including Obesity and Bloat.

Bullmastiff is commonly known to develop Bone and joint issues including Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia. Some other common Health problems are Gastric dilatation or Bloat, Entropion, Arthritis, Hypothyroidism, and Pulmonic stenosis.

read more about Bullmastiff health…

Temperament and Personality of Bullmastiffs

Bullmastiff is known for their courageous personality, besides their massive size Bullmastiffs are calm, quiet, and good-natured. These fearless dogs are loyal and are always very protective of their family and owner.

Bullmastiffs are considered to be very good guard dogs because of their protective behavior but due to their protective behavior sometimes they become dangerous to other dogs of the same sex.

Many Bullmastiffs are seen attacking other dogs mostly smaller dogs. Due to their Loyal behavior, Bullmastiffs would never step back in any situation and could do anything to protect their family. It is recommended that if you have any other Pet at home then Bullmastiff is not the right breed for you. They also become aggressive to strangers.

Socialization is very important for them, they should be socialized from an early age. Consistent training is also necessary for them. These dogs are not so playful and energetic, so their exercise requirement is not much and they can also adjust to a medium-sized apartment.

Although they are of calm temperament this dog breed is not good for families with small kids, Due to their massive size and protective behavior, this dog breed is not good for small children.

Other useful information regarding Bullmastiffs

Is Bullmastiff a Dangerous dog breed?

Bullmastiff is an intelligent dog breed that is very loyal, calm, and good-natured. They are very protective of their family which makes them good guard dogs however sometimes they become aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. To avoid aggression in Bullmastiffs they should be trained consistently and most importantly they should be socialized from the beginning.

Is it fine to leave Bullmastiff alone for some time?

Most Bullmastiffs can be left alone for a few hours but the behavior of a dog can differ. Social conditions also determine such behavioral habits, it may be possible that your dog loves to be with family and cannot be left alone. One thing you have to be concerned about is that leaving a dog for long hours can cause stress to your dog and can also make your dog aggressive.

Are Bullmastiffs good family dogs?

Yes, Bullmastiffs are a calm, loyal, protective, and intelligent dog breed and these characteristics of them make them good family dogs. Some of the Bullmastiffs become aggressive towards strangers and other dogs which is the result of poor socialization and improper training. Although they are of Calm and quiet temperament some of them become overprotective which makes them aggressive towards outsiders, all they need is consistent training and socialization from an early age. You can start training your Bullmastiff earlier because it is an intelligent dog breed that can be trained from the beginning.

Do Bullmastiffs barks too much?

Bullmastiff is of quiet and calm temperament and does not bark too much but it doesn’t mean that they are not protective, they are good guards and are always alert but they didn’t bark much like any other dog breed.

Exercise requirement of Bullmastiffs?

Bullmastiffs are not very energetic or playful hence the exercise requirement of Bullmastiffs is not much, they not only a moderate amount of exercise. You can exercise them for about 1 hour a day.

However, they need to be trained regularly to prevent them to become overweighed because Bullmastiffs can easily gain much weight if they are not trained regularly which is not good for their health.

Your dog will not exercise on its own. Like any other large-sized dog breed, they require exercises like long walks and fetching. However, there are chances that they can get bored of it if you have to give them treats for doing it.

Do Bullmastiffs requires frequent Bathing?

Due to the short coat of Bullmastiffs, they didn’t require frequent bathing and much grooming. There is no need to bathe them weekly, you can bathe them once every couple of months. Whenever you feel your dog become dirty and his coat starts to stink you can bathe them. Instead of Bathing them frequently, you can brush them regularly with a rubber curry brush.

Are Bullmastiffs lazy?

Bullmastiffs are not lazy but they can become if they are not trained or exercised regularly and consistently. They need a moderate amount of exercise to keep them in good shape. They should be trained regularly to avoid lazy behavior and to prevent them to become overweighed.

Are Bullmastiffs good with kids?

Yes, Bullmastiffs are considered to be calm and good-natured. They can live well with kids because of their caring behavior. A Bullmastiff will always try to guard them because of their protective behavior.  However, they are not good for too small children because of their massive size and weight which can be dangerous to them. Although they are of calm and quiet temperament the kids should also be taught how to behave with dogs.

What is the perfect diet for a Bullmastiff?

It is one of the main factors that decide the health of your Bullmastiff. Due to their massive size and heavy weight, the diet of Bullmastiffs should be according to their nutritional needs. Most of them do overeat which results in them becoming overweighed.

Overeating can cause problems like Obesity and Bloat, so the calorie intake of the dog should be monitored carefully. The diet of a Bullmastiff should be rich in Proteins, healthy fats, Carbs, and Vitamins. The calories in the diet of the dog should be according to its activity level and it should be protein-rich.

Is Bullmastiff an intelligent dog breed?

Bullmastiffs are considered good guard dogs because of their protective and loyal behavior. Besides their watchful personality, they are regarded as an intelligent dog breed. You can start training your Bullmastiff from an early age.

They can learn commands from the age of a few months only. They can understand their owner easily and can follow their commands. Because of their smartness, training Bullmastiffs is not tough however they need a reason while training, for example, they need a reward like a biscuit for completing a task.

Can Bullmastiffs live in an apartment?

Bullmastiffs are of calm and quiet temperament, they are not very much energetic and playful like other dog breeds. Many people think that Bullmastiffs need a large backyard and huge area to survive because of their massive size but it’s not true.

They didn’t need a huge space to live they can also adjust to a medium-sized apartment. But one thing to make sure that Bullmastiffs need daily exercising.


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