Cane Corso Facts

15 Interesting Cane Corso Facts for Dog Lovers

15 Interesting Cane Corso Facts for Dog Lovers

15 Interesting Cane Corso Facts for Dog Lovers: Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff a large-size breed known for loyal temper and beautiful colors.

Cane Corsos are well known for their large size, Intelligent & strong personality. This ancient breed gained its popularity back from the time of getting extinct. Cane Corso comes in many colors including black n blue and they shed this coat twice a year. The origin of Cane Corsos in Italy but now it is popular all over the world. Let us know about some Fun and Interesting Cane Corso Facts. Based on their Temperament, History, Health Information, and Characteristics.

Interesting and Fun Facts about Cane Corsos-

Meaning of Cane Corso

Basically, Cane Corso is derived from the Latin word Canis Cohors, the meaning of “Canis” is the dog and “Cohors” means Guard. The word “Cane” also means the same in the Italian language.

Cane Corso History

The origin of Cane Corso is Italy so it is also known as the Italian Mastiff. Cane Corsos are considered to be the descendants of the Roman War Dogs. This Dog breed also belongs to the  Neapolitan mastiffs.

Cane Corsos were used as Guard dogs to protect Property and Livestock. They were used for hunting in large numbers, usually for large animals like Wild boar.

Cane Corsos were about to be Extinct

After the World Wars, the industrialization period doesn’t suit Cane Corsos well.  During the 1970s This dog breed almost got extinct.

Finally, in 1994, Cane Corso gets recognized by the Italian Kennel Club. Later, In 1997 it got classified by FCI.

Then the popularity of Cane Corsos began to increase. Later, Cane Corsos are recognized by AKC in 2010.

Cane Corso Exercise Needs

Many people think that this dog breed doesn’t need much exercise as they are of large size. Cane Corsos are not lazy like other mastiffs! Exercise is important to them. You need to exercise Cane Corsos for at least one hour a day.

You can exercise them in many ways- Long walks, Jogging, Playing with them, tug of war, fetching, and many other ways. The main motive is to keep them in good shape.

The lifespan of Cane Corso

Cane Corso Dog picture
Cane Corso Dog facts

The average lifespan of the Cane Corso dog breed is 10 to 12 years.

Corsos are very Intelligent

Cane Corsos are highly trainable and intelligent. Training of Cane Corso is not difficult. They can learn new things easily and can remember them for a long time.

They have a better sense of understanding and can be trained very well. Just train them from begging and you won’t feel any difficulties.

Not good with other Cats & Dogs

It’s true, Cane Corsos are not really good with Cats, other dogs, and Pets. A Cane Corso would be a little aggressive or dominant to neighbor pets and other street dogs mainly of smaller size.

They are territorial in nature and generally, they don’t like any other animal in their territory. But if both of the pets are grown up with each other then he could be very nice to them.

One of the largest dog breeds

Everyone knows that Cane Corsos are of massive size. But do you know that these handsome giants are the 8th largest dog breed in the world? Yes, Cane Corsos ranked among the largest dog breeds in the world.

Beautiful Coat Colors

Cane Corso has a beautiful short and dense coat that looks shiny n smooth. This coat of Cane Corsos comes in many different colors including Blue, Black, Grey, Fawn, Red, and Brindle. Black and Fawn are the most popular.

Cane Corsos are of Calm and Friendly temperament

Besides their strong and intimidating looks, Cane Corsos are really affectionate and calm. A Cane Corso may be aggressive to the intruder but he will be really friendly and calm with his family. Cane Corsos are loyal and obedient dogs that are of friendly temperament.

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They are excellent Guard dogs

Cane Corsos are of protective and territorial behavior, and they are considered to be one of the best guard dog breeds.

They are very alert to strangers. Cane Corsos usually don’t trust anyone easily. If you want a dog that will protect your dog from intruders then a Cane Corso would be perfect for you.

Shedding level

Although Cane Corsos have short coats, it doesn’t mean that they don’t shed. Cane Corso basically sheds all year but they shed heavily only twice a year. Usually in the hot summer months and starting of fall or autumn.

They are nice with Kids

Yes, Cane Corsos are excellent with kids! They are very calm with kids and don’t get easily assertive with them. They act as their guardian and always tries to protect them.

Still, we don’t suggest you get a Cane Corso for too small kids. As Cane Corsos could also hurt kids unintentionally because of their large size.

Need for Backyard

Cane Corsos are of territorial behavior and they need an open space like a backyard to pretend it is their territory. They love to roam freely and spend time in a loan or backyard. You may observe them walking by themselves and getting tired.

You may also observe them barking at strangers standing and looking over the fence. But do remember that the boundaries of the garden should be high otherwise they may jump over it!

If you don’t have a backyard then you may also take them to public parks and dog parks. You can also take them for long walks or jogging so they get a little tired.

Prone to some Health Issues

Just like any other dog breed Cane Corsos are prone to some Health Problems or Diseases. Like any other large-size dogs, they are mostly get affected by bone and joint issues. It includes Hip dysplasia and Ligament rupture. Bloat is also common in them.

Other Health issues related to skin problems like infections. Demodectic Mange and skin bumps can occur in them. They are also prone to diarrheabloat, and some eye diseases.


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