Interesting English Mastiff Facts That You May Not Know

14 Interesting English Mastiff Facts That You May Not Know

14 Interesting English Mastiff Facts That You May Not Know

14 Interesting English Mastiff Facts That You May Not Know: Mastiff is an ancient dog breed of England famous for its massive size and weight

Mastiffs or English Mastiffs are famous for their Extremely large size and their calm Temperament. These working dogs are descendants of the molossus dog breed. They might look a bit Intimidating in their first appearance but they are very friendly and kind dogs. They can be good guard dogs and are excellent family dogs.

Here we will know some interesting and fun facts about English Mastiffs.

English Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds

These dogs were known to exist for thousands of years. Their ancestor dog breeds were brought to England by ancient Phoenician traders. Earlier Mastiffs were called Molossers. Mastiffs are the Descendants of Alpine Mastiff, Alaunt and Pugnaces Britanniae.

English Mastiffs ranks 29 in popularity

English Mastiff is a popular dog breed maybe because of its extremely large size and calm temperament. Mastiffs rank 29 on AKC’s most popular dog breed list.

Zorba the English Mastiff                     

Zorba was an English Mastiff dog and he was the world’s Heaviest and Longest dog. He set this Guinness world record in 1987 with a weight of 343 pounds and his length was 8 feet 3 inches.

English Mastiffs are Gentle Giants

Although they have massive size and extreme strength this dog breed is not known for aggression. They are of very calm and friendly temperament. Because of their kind behavior, they are considered good family dogs however they are not good for families with small kids.

English Mastiffs Drools a lot

The lips of English Mastiffs are loose and they are unable to hold their saliva inside their mouth. English Mastiffs are excessive droolers. Usually, when they shake their head they throw their saliva. Food Expectation and foresight may be the reason for excessive drooling. They also drool while barking. Anxiety and heatstroke may be the reason for drooling too much.

English Mastiffs were used for Bull Baiting

Earlier English Mastiffs were used for guarding and as fighting dogs in Britain. They were also bred for blood sports like Bull baiting and Bear baiting. Fortunately, In 1835 aggressive blood sports like Dogfighting, Bear Baiting, Lion Baiting, and Bull baiting gets banned by the Cruelty to Animal act 1835. After this English Mastiffs become more calm and gentle.

English Mastiffs don’t bark too much

English Mastiffs are of calm temperament, they don’t bark too much like any other dog breed which barks for no reason. They only bark when necessary, mostly on strangers due to their protective nature. If you need a dog that doesn’t make much noise then Mastiffs would be great for you.

They were used as War dogs

English Mastiffs are considered courageous and loyal dogs. They were also used in war. In 1415 when Sir Piers Legh gets injured in the war of Agincourt a female English Mastiff saved his life. She protected him for many hours. This incident shows their protective and loyal behavior.

English Mastiffs coat comes in different colors

English Mastiffs have a short and sleek coat that looks extraordinary on them. Their beautiful coat comes in three different colors which are Apricot, Brindle, and fawn. All three colors look beautiful.

English Mastiffs are prone to various health issues

English Mastiffs are famous for their large size and heavy body but they are also prone to many health conditions. They are prone to bone and joint problems including Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Cruciate ligament rupture, and Cystinuria. Mastiffs are also prone to heart disorders including Cardiomyopathy, Pulmonic Stenosis, Mitral Dysplasia, and Subaortic stenosis. However many of these heart disorders or diseases are uncommon. Eye diseases can also affect them including Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Retinal Dysplasia, Entropion, and Ectropion. Gastric Torsion or Bloat is a common health issue in English Mastiff.

English Mastiffs are Low Maintenance dogs

Although they have short coats their coat sheds moderately but it doesn’t mean that they need regular grooming. They only need moderate grooming. They need to brush at least once a week and They can be bathed once a month. However, their face wrinkles should be cleaned regularly because there are chances that skin inhabitants like bacteria may grow on their facial wrinkles and can cause skin infections. You can clean them using a soft cloth and a cleanser.

Mastiff is the heaviest dog breed

English Mastiff is popular for its large-sized body and not only size they are the world’s heaviest dog breed in terms of mass. The heaviest dog was also an English Mastiff as mentioned earlier.

Mastiffs are Protective and loyal

Besides their calm and kind temperament, English Mastiffs are very protective of their owner and family. In addition to their protective behavior, they are very loyal also. They have all the qualities of a good guard dog, Their defensive behavior makes them a great guard dog. They will do anything to guard and protect their family. Sometimes they often become a little aggressive to strangers and other dogs due to their overprotective and defensive temperament. Their aggressive behavior can be avoided by proper socialization from the beginning.

Recognition of English Mastiffs

English Mastiffs were registered officially by American Kennel Club in 1885


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