10 Essential Things to buy for a new Rottweiler Puppy

10 Essential Things to buy for a new Rottweiler Puppy

10 Essential Things to buy for a new Rottweiler Puppy

10 Essential Things to buy for a new Rottweiler Puppy: Things that you should buy for a new Rottweiler puppy are crate, food, bed, treat, etc.

Rottweiler pups are known for their cuteness. It feels very exciting when we get a new puppy at home. some of us don’t know what accessories to buy for our new little family member according to their needs. We suggest you know these important things before getting a Rottweiler puppy. Here we are discussing important accessories or things that you should buy for a new Rottweiler puppy.

10 Accessories or things to buy for a new Rottweiler puppy

Grooming accessories

Grooming tools for Rottweilers
Grooming tools for Rottweilers

Grooming is very important not only for Rottweiler dogs but for puppies also. Though puppies don’t need much grooming still it helps in maintaining the hygiene level and looks of the dog. Here are some grooming tools or accessories that you should get for your new Rottweiler puppy, like a Nail clipper, brush, toothbrush and grooming wipes. There are certain things that a dog owner needs to do like trimming their nails to avoid injuries, combing or brushing their coat to clean it and cleaning their teeth.

Food and water bowl

You should also get food and a water bowl for your Rottweiler pup. Unlike adult dogs, puppies eat and drink in small quantities but more frequently. You should select a bowl that is more durable and can’t be chewed or scratched. Also, it should be easy to clean to avoid bacteria build-up in corners.

Rottweiler puppies are infamous for eating too fast and gulping it without chewing, which causes vomiting and results in indigestion. You can also buy a slow feeder bowl by consulting the Vet, it avoids the puppy to eat quickly.

Crate or Cage for travelling

An owner should also buy a crate or cage for a Rottweiler puppy. it is helpful during travelling and housetraining a puppy. First, you should crate train your puppy before getting them into the crate. Crate or Cage is helpful while travelling with your puppy in a car.

Collar, Harness with a leash

You should also buy a collar, harness and leash for your puppy. It is easier and better to leash train a Rottweiler puppy from a young age only, you can start training them from the age of 8 to 10 weeks. One thing that all Rottweiler owners should note is that collar is just for appearance and id tags not for the leash. You should use a body harness instead of a collar because Rottweiler puppies are quite energetic and stubborn they can injure their trachea during walk or leash training. Also, make sure that the leash is much longer (around 6ft) and durable.

Chew toys to keep them busy

Rottweiler puppies love to chew things, especially during teething. You can observe them chewing different things like furniture and slippers. Some dog owners may find it cute but certainly, it’s not good for their health. There is a constant risk of swallowing the pieces or a whole object and can cause choking.

You can’t stop your puppy from chewing neither you can hide your slippers, but one thing that you can do is to give them chew toys. Getting your dog chew toys is a great way of minimizing the destructive behaviour of a puppy. It also keeps the puppy busy, exercise jaw muscles and helps in relieving stress. Rottweilers have a strong bite force so make sure that the chew toys would be durable and is of good quality. Also, it should be big enough that your puppy can’t swallow.

Comfortable Bed

Rottweiler puppies are very frisky and energy-filled but they get tired easily and need frequent sleep. it is the owner’s responsibility to provide them with a comfy and quiet place to relax and sleep. Another important thing that you should get for your Rottweiler puppy is a soft and comfortable bed. You can also make it at home. Make sure that the bed is soft, dry and easily washable. It should also be quite durable so that the puppy can’t rip it up by chewing.

Good quality Puppy Food

The first and most important thing that you should get for your Rottweiler puppy is a good quality puppy food. Puppies need more amount of protein, fat and calcium in their diet. Usually, Puppies eat in small qualities but they eat more frequently usually 3 to 4 times a day. There are many good foods available in the market and selecting the best from them could be confusing. We suggest you talk to your Vet about making the diet chart for your Rottweiler puppy according to the condition (age, weight, etc) and nutritional requirements of your dog.

Treats for training

Training should begin from a young age only especially for a dog breed like Rottweiler. Also, You need to train a puppy for many things example house training and crate training. When it comes to training the best method is to teach them by giving treats as rewards. Besides good quality puppy food, you should also get some treats for your puppy. You can get tiny bits or chews for your puppy which is healthy, of fewer calories and easy to digest. You may ask your Vet for the same.

Bathing items

Rottweiler puppies love to play and they easily get filthy. The most common and effective way of cleaning their coat is bathing. However, they don’t need much bathing but their requirement depends upon their lifestyle. Too much bathing can make your puppy’s skin dry and will remove essential oils from their coat. A dog owner should also get bathing items like good dog shampoo, a towel, and a dog conditioner.

A good puppy shampoo is very important for a Rottweiler puppy. You can’t bathe your puppy by using human shampoo as it will make their skin dry. Most puppy shampoos are tearless just like baby shampoos which preserve the natural oils of your puppy’s coat. You should select a good shampoo for your puppy which is good for his skin and coat. You can consult your Vet for choosing a good shampoo for your puppy.

Identification tag

Rottweiler puppies love to explore and there are chances that a puppy can be lost, so it is important that you should attach an identification tag to his collar. Besides his name, the tag should contain the address and phone number, so that if someone finds your dog he can return him to you.


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